• Twilight Music Made For Twilight Day & Brony Spirit: Koron Korak - Twilight's Day Off

    This is the brony's way!! Spontaneously making a song dedicated to Twilight for the sacred day of celebration of our beloved purple smart in the community using the limited time that he had, Koron is leading by example once more and showing us what it means to be a brony and to make pony music: it's all about expressing your Passion and your love toward the ponies!! Definitely among the best and most active pony musicians in the community, Koron did absolute wonders with the happy vibes in the song that, although short (S1 reference in that length!) is succeeding to convey all the relatable feelings that the musician has towards the princess, and to call upon our imagination as we can't help imagining cuddling with her as she's resting! That purple pony is just so cute!! Thank you Koron for being one of the voices of pony fan works in the community!