• Queen Haven - Is She the Villain? Or Are There No Real "Villains?"

    One thing a lot of people are noting about the trailer is how light-hearted the movie appears to be compared to the Generation 4 movie. In fact, it seems like there really isn't any big evil presense at all, which is understandable after some of the feedback from the previous one by parents taking their kids to see it was that it was too dark.

    No big baddie to chase down is perfectly workable for a still very engaging story, but we do have a few characters that love making those evil smirky faces that we tend to see from the more antagonistic types. One in particular that still seems to be a mystery is Queen Haven here. From what little we know, she seems to love the glitz and glam of fame and definitely shows it off. Outside of that though it's all up in the air.

    What do you think? Are we looking at My Little Pony: A New Generation's primary "villain" character?