• Ponies Around the World 2021 - The Ponies! (Part 1)

    Poniko is the best convention OC. This is an irrefutable fact.

    Ponies Around the World continued forward with it's oldschool style after last year's "At home" version. Unfortunately about halfway through the virus's Delta form decided to ravage the unvaxed, but we still have a good amount of submissions of ponies hanging out at major places around the world anyway!

    Below the break, check out everyone's submissions. Thanks to everyone for showing off such amazing places every year. Now I desperately want to travel. Hopefully we will get a handle on this virus soon! Now go look at ponies in places below! 

    1 Fluttershy and Tanuki - Wilford B Wolf

    Art image 1
    Shot 20 Jan 2020. Fluttershy finds a friendly victory tanuki. Tanuki-Dori near Asakusa Sensoji Temple, Tokyo, Japan.

    2 Cathedral of Vasily the Blessed - Moscow, Russia - XetoTravels

    Art image 2
    Poniko is visiting the cathedral of Vasily the Blessed in Moscow.

    3 Schönbrunn Palace - Vienna, Austria - XetoTravels

    Art image 3
    Connie Bloom at the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna.

    4 Dutch Shopping - Venlo, Netherlands - XetoTravels

    Art image 4
    Milli is looking for dutch tulips in Venlo.

    5 Vltava River - Prague, Czechia - XetoTravels

    Art image 5
    Poniko and me on a bridge at the Vltava River Prague.

    6 Derp Forward - Mayflower train set

    Art image 6
    My Funko POP Derpy stands in a front of a Southern Pacific 4-8-8-2 cab forward locomotive for a size comparison. California State Railroad Museum, Sacramento.

    7 Derpy on Lake Tahoe - Mayflower train set

    Art image 7
    Derpy enjoys a trip out onto Lake Tahoe, the largest alpine lake in North America and second deepest lake in the US.

    8 Derpy at Squaw Valley - Mayflower train set

    Art image 8
    Taking in the view from California's Squaw Valley Ski Resort in the Sierra Nevada mountains, site of the 1960 Winter Olympics, with Derpy. Lake Tahoe is visible in the distance.

    9 Rainbow Dash Approves - Chrome Thunder

    Art image 9
    Topeka, KS had it's first full airshow (called "Thunder Over the Heartland") in ages on June 26th, and I took a McD Rainbow Dash with me for some photo op's. Needless to say she would approve of these "awesome" things.

    10 Tornado and Rainbow Dash Storm Chasing 2021 - Chrome Thunder

    Art image 10
    Haven't caught any tornados this year, but I still took these two with me on chases. Here I'm heading for a severe storm west of Lebo, KS. By a stroke of luck I caught a lightning bolt in the image.

    11 Applejack/Pinkie Pie at a waterfall at Khao Yai National Park - Flashapples

    Art image 11
    Just Applejack and Pinkie Pie hanging around at Haew Suwat Waterfall. It is a 25-meter high waterfall that drains water down into a large pool in the middle of a forested area at Khao Yai National Park. This pool becomes noticeably larger during the rainy season from June to October

    12 Human Twily and Apple Cobbler vibing at a beach - Flashapples

    Art image 12
    The photo was taken this past April During that time, I have a chance to go island hopping on a yacht in various islands around Krabi Province, Thailand, so I decided to bring these pony figurines around for a little trip! This is one of the photos I have taken

    13 Royal Break (Peljesac/Korcula, Croatia) - theOwtcast

    Art image 13
    Picture taken on the Peljesac peninsula, above the city of Orebic, overlooking the island of Korcula.

    14 Buggo Heaven (Plitvice Lakes, Croatia) - theOwtcast

    Art image 14
    Ocellus was made by EpicRainbowCrafts

    15 Can We Get a Fort? (Veliki Tabor, Croatia) - theOwtcast

    Art image 15
    Pharynx was made by EpicRainbowCrafts

    16 All This For Me?! (Trakoscan, Croatia) - theOwtcast

    Art image 16
    Thorax was made by EpicRainbowCrafts

    17 Twilight's Journey Through Sweden- Wellspring of Olof Skötkonung, First King of Sweden - Silvermyr

    Art image 17
    Today I visited the wellspring where Sweden's first king was baptized around the year 1000. The plaque reads: "In the wellspring below was baptized, about the year 1000 A.D OLOF SKÖTKONUNG First Christian King of Sweden by the English missionary Sigfrid"

    18 Twilight's Journey Through Sweden- Karlevistenen - Silvermyr

    Art image 18
    Twilight investigates a runestone on the island of Öland, east of Sweden. The Karlevi rune stone was erected at the end of the viking age, about the year 1000 A.D. The runes state, among other things, the following: "This stone was stands [to remember] Sibbe the Good, Son of Foldar. His follower erected it on this island, oathsworn man to the dead."

    19 Twilight's Journey Through Sweden- Ale's Stones - Silvermyr

    Art image 19
    Twilight gazes proudly over the stone-ship megalith of Ale's Stones in southern Sweden. The megalith was probably erected built sometime in the 600-800, the nordic iron age. It was most likely a grave monument. It also functions as a sun calendar, with certain stones aligning with the sun at the summer solstice

    21 Rainbow and Trixie, trespassing on the little mermaid, 30 min before sunrise - Hex5

    Art image 21
    My submission for ponies around the world 2021. I haven't seen anyone doeng this with the little mermaid yet.

    22 - Hex5

    Art image 22
    The second one, without Flashlight

    23 Cruising From Kiel to Gran Canaria - EddoEditya28

    Art image 23
    A small collage of photos of DJ PON3 on a cruise trip from Kiel, Germany to Gran Canaria of the Canary Islands in Spain. Counter clockwise (from top left); At the Port of Kiel, Germany before sailing; Sunset in the Atlantic Ocean; Morning view of the Atlantic Ocean; Arriving at Gran CanarIa, featuring sister ship Mein Schiff 6.

    24 Little DJ Under the Giant Guitar - EddoEditya28

    Art image 24
    The little DJ under the giant guitar, yes, the giant "Hard Rock Guitar" in the famous Hard Rock Cafe Bali in Bali, Indonesia. This relatively new landmark just across the beach, famous for being an Instagrammable hotspot, was created by a guitarist from Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia and it is meant to represent Bali and travel the world.

    25 Two Friends Breath a Fresh Air - Bestan Habibie

    Art image 25
    Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash decide to explore some forest to take a break and enjoy some fresh air from their works lately. And they're have found the place, Arboretum Sempaja Forest. . . Note: Arboretum Sempaja Forest isn't not really famous in my place. It just open two years ago, and cause this covid decease, the place is silent, No one come. It located on East Kalimantan, Indonesia

    26 Colourful Staircases - Bestan Habibie

    Art image 26
    They're now exploring more deep into the forest and then found the colourful staircases . . . Note: Still in the same place btw

    27 - Save

    Art image 27
    I hope that Discord is allowed in this event! I don't have any pony toy, only the Master of Chaos! This is Discord near the Madonna of Monton (la Vierge de Monton), also called Notre-Dame de Monton (https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vierge_de_Monton). It's the 4th tallest statue in France (14 meters, 21 with the stand), in the most beautiful region of this country : the Auvergne! It will be 152 years old on the 22nd of August. A particularity of this statue is that it doesn't belongs to the city of Monton or the State itself, but to the inhabitant themselves. [Note: I use a dedicated image hoster]

    28 - Save

    Art image 28
    Discord is in front of the Chaîne des Puys, where you can see its highest point, the Puy de Dôme. This chain of volcanos, which are technically still awake, are a World Heritage Site of the UNESCO since 2018. They are localised in Auvergne (they are part of Auvergne's volcanos), and one of them produce the famous Volvic stone (Pierre de Volvic), a grey-black lava stone used in Auvergne for buildings, that provides a unique look to them! For example, look at the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption of Clermont-Ferrand, a totally black cathedral!

    29 Santa Cruz Mountains, California - iisaw

    Art image 29

    30 Visiting old bones - Rick Drake

    Art image 30
    This is from Rabbit Valley, Colorado.

    31 Overlooking The Valley Below - Rick Drake

    Art image 31
    The Bangs Canyon Management Area, Colorado.

    32 Twilight on the dam - kww

    Art image 32
    Water dam near the Czocha castle

    33 Twilight in the Różanka Rose Garden - kww

    Art image 33
    "Stop and smell the roses when your journey's getting long"

    34 Letters Along the Hudson - Lunazeta9

    Art image 34
    "Hope you guys are doing okay out there!" - Derpy Hooves

    35 Raven Inkwell CONDEMNED Local Archaeological Site! - Pony4Koma

    Art image 35
    ...all Ms. Inkwell had to say was "That's what you get! That's what you get!". - Foal Free Press [Archive] Raven Inkwell plushie by CINNAMON-STITCH Location: Castro de Monte Mozinho PNF

    36 cmc - brambleshadow4

    Art image 36

    37 Derpy and Dr. Whooves at Semperoper, Dresden, Germany - Cabraloca

    Art image 37
    Derpy and Dr. Whooves found themselves at the Semperoper in the Baroque city of Dresden. It's an famous opera house, still in use today! ...well and it's most known for a beer advertisement TV spot in Germany ;)

    38 Unity at Bastei (Saxon Switzerland National Park, Germany) - Cabraloca

    Art image 38
    Here Unity boops the Bastei, a rock formation and major landmark of the Saxon Switzerland National Park south of Dresden. Hope it's not gonna fall apart!

    39 Unity at Blaues Wunder bridge in Dresden, Germany - Cabraloca

    Art image 39
    How big is Unity, anyway?! Well, here she visits the Blaues Wunder bridge, one of Dresden's landmarks. The name "blue wonder" yields from the technological miracle at the time (it's from 1893) and maybe the fact that the initial green color turned to blue after so time ;)

    40 Unity at Zwinger Dresden, Germany - Cabraloca

    Art image 40
    This is the Zwinger, a famous Baroque monument in the city of Dresden. Lot's of gold in here!

    41 Mlp in korea - Naru Ati

    Art image 41
    Just to make sure even in a very small, seaside town which is the end of Asia, there's a brony like me. Btw the beach name is Dadaepo, so if there's anyone out there who lives near me please make me a contact. Here's my email address: rbdashie0947@icloud.com

    42 Woodiewool shows a few important tourists the city. - Woodiewool

    Art image 42
    Woodiewool shows Fluttershy the grand ducal grave of the founder of the city of Karlsruhe in Germany.

    43 "And here the castle of Karlsruhe" - Woodiewool

    Art image 43
    The princess is of course also interested in the castle, so we want to show her that too.

    44 At the Warnemünde Lighthouse - EddoEditya28

    Art image 44
    DJ PON3 near the Warnemünde Lighthouse in Warnemünde, a district in the city of Rostock in Germany. Standing at a height of 36.5 metres (112 feet), it is a landmark in Warnemünde since 1898. Next to it is the Teepot, a modern building from the 1960s which now houses a restaurant.

    45 Tempest in Matera! - DR N3RO

    Art image 45
    Motorcycle trip with Tempest Shadow in the city of Matera (Apulia, Italy). View of the town from the central plaza (sorry for my stupid helmet)!

    47 Greetings from the Alcona Dam Pond - Enigmadoodles

    Art image 47
    Arguably not the most scenic of views around the area, but I can't really travel much, so this'll have to do! Also marks a year (August 3rd) since I got these two, so happy Plushie Birthday to them.

    48 Indentured Ponies - Frith

    Art image 48
    I travel about 8 miles to go to work, but where I work is sooooo exotic that nopony else will be submitting from anywhere within 50 miles at least. Maybe even several hundred! Why travel when you can live in Granby, Quebec, Canada?

    49 Postcard 2021 - Frith

    Art image 49
    This is what is written on the other side of the 'Greetings from unmagical Canterda!' postcard. I mean, if you're to visit such and exotic local as Canada, you might as well write!

    51 Creepy Castle For A Creepy King - Lili!

    Art image 51
    Last minute submission! I guess Sombra has found his new castle, Bancroft Tower in Massachusetts!!

    52 Derpy Hooves and Rainbow Dash (Honolulu, HI) - Ross S

    Art image 52
    Derpy and Rainbow Dash @ Honolulu, Hawaii with the iconic Diamond Head visible in the background!

    53 Osser and Arber, Germany - oZusadz

    Art image 53

    54 Cornell's Mask-ot Touchdown Glimmer - YD

    Art image 54
    Touchtown, Cornell's unofficial mascot, wearing a Starlight Glimmer mask. (the mask was washed thoroughly afterwards; photo taken while wearing another mask and social distancing; other risks such as transportation totaled <10 s="" span="">

    57 Lookout tower Stezka v Oblacích, Czech Republic - Birdybird

    Art image 57
    From this lookout tower you can look 55 meters under you.

    59 Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle on Leopold's Mountain, Vienna (Ponies Around the World 2021) - CMC_Scootaloo

    Art image 59
    It's 2021 now and time for "Ponies Around the World" again! And I am so glad I could finally make a creepy "Ponies Around the World" trip again this year and continue my series of Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle visiting a haunted place in Vienna. This year, Derpy joined them for her first "Ponies Around the World" trip! For "Ponies Around the World 2021", we went onto a mysterious, haunted mountain at the northern border of Vienna, called "Leopold's Mountain" (in german: "Leopoldsberg"). Leopold's Mountain is said to be ridden with a curse that caused countless accidents, murders and suicides. The full story is in the description of the Inkbunny upload!

    60 Alpenglow on Mount Rainier, from Spray Park, WA. - NatureShy

    Art image 60
    I backpacked through the Spray Park area for one night, part of a larger trip to the northwest corner of Mount Rainier National Park to do some filming for Equestria: Into the Wild.

    61 Fluttershy at Spray Falls in Mount Rainier National Park, WA. - NatureShy

    Art image 61
    I stopped by Spray Falls on my return leg from Spray Park. The falls was surprisingly bigger than what appeared in photos! Highly recommend the small side-trip on the way to Spray Falls.

    62 Alpenglow on Mount Adams, sharing with her one of my favorite off-trail spots (view from camp!) - NatureShy

    Art image 62
    I backpacked through Mount Adams for a few days with my Fluttershy, and had this view right from camp. Such a stunning view! The thick cloud cover blocked most of the good sunset-lighting on the mountain, but it poked through just enough to light up the tip of the mountain for a short moment. Definitely will return.

    63 Fluttershy at Tolmie Peak, WA, with the craggy ridges northwest of Mount Rainier beyond - NatureShy

    Art image 63
    Hiked up Tolmie Peak in Mount Rainier National Park to get a time-lapse of the sunrise with Fluttershy. Unfortunately, it was clouded over and I did not bring a wide enough lens to capture the entirety of the mountain and the lake (Eunice Lake) below! So instead I got the rugged ridge in front–part of the peak itself. To make matters even crazier, I forgot a bag of stuff at Eunice Lake on the way back (even had an item in it that I simply can't do time-lapse without), and did not realize it until I got to the bottom. So I had to "run" back up the trail to retrieve them. xD