• More Pony Music! G5, Pinkie, Luna, Introspection!

    Various themes and awesome initiatives are booming like confetti from a shot of Pinkie's party cannon once again in the pony music scene, and you'll be able to check all that hasn't been posted in solo posts right here after the break! Onwards, my brethren! And stay pony!

    1. Nyancat380 - Clear My Head

    Vocal - Glitch Hop

    Cool reggae vibes and awesome play with vocals in this comeback banger from Nyancat380!

    2. Maestro Harmony - Promenade In Maretime Bay

    Instrumental - Piano Solo

    G5 is not even out, but the hype is just too strong! New G5 early song from Maestro Harmony!

    Listen to it from Soundcloud here!

    3. TCB - Just Downed Another Cider, Boutta Ghost Ride The '02 Ranger (feat. GeekBrony)

    Instrumental - Future Bass

    See this tweet from GeekBrony for context and to learn about how this new track with emotional melodies from TCB happened!

    4. Griffin Lewis, Lenich, Kirya & Jenny Nicholson - The Gypsy Bard (Yellow Tune Remix Remake)

    Vocal - House

    A punchy and energetic remix of the classic from Yellow Tune aka 174UDSI!

    5. PHES - Retinue

    Vocal - French House/Future Funk

    A hidden one of Rarity's gems!

    6. r_chase - Bounce It!

     - Hardtek/Freetekno

    A Pinkie-themed energetic banger from r_chase!

    Listen to it from Bandcamp here!

    7. Matías Peñaloza - The Gypsy Bard (Piano Cover)

    Instrumental - Piano Solo

    Matías covered a community classic this time!

    8. SpinScissor, Color & Flow - Luna's Nightmare

    Vocal - Trance

    A collab blending Epic Orchestral and Electronic elements, and that even features vocals!

    9. Dynamite Grizzly - Rottel-Pink-Beat

    Vocal - Gabber

    Dynamite's contribution to the latest Pinkamena Party compilation album features some Pinkie vocal samples among the quality Techno composition to our greatest delight, with a sound awesomely fitting for the aesthetics of Pinkamena Party!

    10. Skyshard x Valoria - Lost in Las Pegasus

    Instrumental - Orchestral/Future House

    Orchestral and Electronic specialties teamed up for a punchy song truly making you feel like you're in the middle of the resort of Las Pegasus!

    11. Nick Wemyss - Rainbow Factory (Covering Glaze)

    Vocal - Electronic

    Remixes/covers of the classic are still getting made with love, and here Nick paid tribute to Glaze's song with passionate vocals and covering the original melodies too!

    12. Avery - 15 Minutes of Introspection

    Vocal - Acoustic

    A heartfelt introspection featuring vocals coming from the heart, thoughtful and poetic lyrics, tender guitar, and a voiced part that tells more about Avery's story, feelings, and thought about the community! Everypony, let's keep living by those values and make the good people feel welcome here!

    13. Ashley H - Begin Again (Instrumental by APC)

    Vocal - Piano

    Ashley's own contribution to the "hype train" of G5 as she says, with clever lyrics and heartfelt and impressive vocals!


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    MordeTwi (SpinScissor Remix)

    Lexie's Introduction Video

    Whirlwind - Twilight Sparkle Stage Theme (Fighting Is Magic) (Drum Cover) (Covering RC88)

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!