• Fanfiction: Sunrise


    Author: Winston

    Description: For all of Celestia's life, and time immemorial before that, ponies have lived in three tribes. The magical Unicorn Kingdom in the far north moves the sun and the moon, the hard-working earth ponies grow food, and the proud pegasi of the Cloud Empire control the weather. They coexist out of necessity in a delicate balance of trade, although they have little trust or friendship for each other.
    But now, the north is getting colder. Crops are failing, and the balance is crumbling. In the midst of the world's freezing, a sinister plan unfolds, threatening further disaster. Everything hangs on the precipice of catastrophe. 
    All Celestia ever really wanted was to be assigned to work on the sun control team, but somepony's going to have to deal with all this...


    Additional Tags: Celestia and Luna before there was an Equestria