• Equestria Girls Perfect Day for Fun Follow Up


    It times like this that my ideals on music kind of go out the window. I’m fully aware of what makes an ear worm and this was probably one of the biggest ear worms since “Helping Twilight Win The Crown” in the very first movie. This time it’s a music video from the time of Rainbow Rocks. Continuity wise, I have no idea when this takes place in terms of the movie and the other shorts for Rainbow Rocks. It’s obviously after everyone magically got their instruments and realized “hey I grow pony parts when I play music”. But most likely after Twilight was able to use Celestia’s book to get back to the human world…for a fair. If I were to give this short a moral, it would be there’s no harm in having a good day with friends. You don’t always need a reason to hang out, but it’s fun to do so. Either that or actually type where you are instead of using emojis to describe your locations. Anyway, getting too long winded for a generic pop song so let’s take a look at it.


    So to start our group of girls are separated by ships…I mean randomly appeared together and looking for the others. Honestly I can’t help but think of any times these pairings have worked together or been the main focus of an episode. For Pinkie Pie and Rarity, I think of "Spice up Your Life". For Twilight and Fluttershy, it’s "The Hooffields and McColts". And for Rainbow Dash and Applejack, it’s "Fall Weather Friends" (or most clopfiction)


    It took me a minute to realize this was just right outside their school with the actual school in the background so most likely this was a school fair.  They didn’t do too bad with Ferris wheel, merry-go-round and a lot of food stands. Great budgeting for a school who can’t afford more than three teachers, including the principal.


    You know why I put this here. Every single one of you know exactly why. It’s to show the girls being very blind and not able to see each other running past. Not to mention they also seem to be the performers of this fair, which is not too bad. Except I wouldn’t mind seeing other bands from Rainbow Rocks performing in the meantime.

    I’m pretty sure these were the designs used for promoting the movie and the toy line, but there’s also some rainbow power splashed in there as well with these colored streaks in their hair. Not exactly the same colors, but it’s interesting that this big hair style would find its way into Twilight’s Kingdom in Season 4. Also I don’t deny being a sucker for 80’s hair bands. The big hair, the face paint reminiscent of KISS and everything covered in glitter that will never come off unless you scrub it off with sandpaper. Maybe would’ve preferred something heavier in tone, but it’s still a pop group than rock.


    At any point, maybe just call each other to find out where the photo booths are. I want to give them the excuse of maybe it’s too loud outside to be able to call, but an attempt would be nice. Also, since this is pony Princess Twilight, I have to wonder where exactly she got a cellphone from. It doesn’t seem like it’s Fluttershy unless she’s just typing for her, but the idea that she knows how to use it is impressive, but not that believable. What’s also not too believable is that Rainbow Dash, designated speed demon, would be out of breath from running. I know this is before they had the magical geodes, but she’s still a strong athlete. How long did they run for her of all people to be tired?


    Of course Fluttershy wouldn’t believe in the mindless violence that is a Wack-a-Mole game. She is so much better than that and won’t harm a hair on an innocent inanimate object that just resembles a mole.

    Now an inanimate object that looks like a being of pure chaos, that’s apparently a whole different story. Sorry Discord x Fluttershy shippers. Some things had to be learned over time and didn’t happen as naturally as we wanted. Even Twilight was shocked at this sudden turn of violence Fluttershy seemed to take. Sad, really. It was a really well made and cute plush.

    I do love these great shots of each of them in a phone somehow. And it gives us a chance to really look at the wardrobe that I think I’d rather have in the Rainbow Rocks movie than what was really worn during the final battle. And for once, I actually like Twilight’s outfit for this. The black with the purple gives it a more punk look.

    Is it bad to really like the teenage troupe of “too many people can fit in this photo booth so the photos never come out right”? It’s a guilty pleasure troupe, but it’s just too funny not to laugh at. Don’t judge me.


    Granny Smith, the main rule of never being too old to throw up the devil horns and headbang to your granddaughter’s rock band. And even with Valhallen and Crimson Napalm no less. At least they don’t have to feel embarrassed about their lunch lady trying to do a stage dive into the crowd. 

    I don’t think we’ll get a better moment for Fluttershy in the EqG world than her not being afraid of a haunted house or fun house by the looks of the scary clown. It really brings back memories of The Scare Master, but in a simpler way and I think I would’ve preferred this Fluttershy to be in it. Who shrugs off a scary clown? That’s just not human.


    Ok nevermind. That clown or whatever was in that haunted house doesn’t beat whatever the hay is happening here with this mirror. This is a straight shot from the music video and there is no way of explaining what madness is going on here.


    Didn’t think Luna would be the one to join in a random picture with some students, but since her, Granny Smith and Cheerilee are probably chaperons for this school fair, it would make sense. And such a random assortment of people like Vinyl Scratch, Flash Sentry, the CMC and Big Mac. Huh. Strange how Big Mac and Cheerilee are in another scene together. I wonder what it means.

    And that was A Perfect Day for Fun, a harmless campy pop song about being with your friends at a carnival. While the song isn’t really worth wild or anything, I can’t help but bob my head to the tune. It’s just so happy and positive that I can overlook some laziness like a bunch of “oh oh’s” being the main tune, but maybe I just like that it’s easier to sing along with. It’s harmless fun and it makes you think of fun. I’m Penny Wrights and I have this strange hunger for funnel cake and fried pickles.