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    Twilight’s Legacy
    By Storm (formerly known as Comet)

    Before I begin, I just want to say that this will be about how far Twilight has come from her journey. I will not be acknowledging any behind the scenes stuff, but rather acknowledge scenes that they showed. I will also be sticking to G4 and barely talk about G5 for reasons.

    Twilight Day is coming up (as of this writing, depends on when this gets published) and I wanted to happily talk about how far she has come, made a difference, and leaving a legacy.

    Twilight was just a small filly when she saw Celestia raised the sun for the Summer Sun Celebration. She wanted to become a powerful unicorn. She studied, hatch a dragon egg, unique magic that caught Celestia’s attention, and made her her pupil.

    Fast forward to her as a young adult and she goes to Ponyville to do two things by Celestia: check the stuff for the Summer Sun Celebration, and make friends. She made friends when she and the other 5 defeated Nightmare Moon and returned Luna back to normal.

    She would face other challenges along the way. Such as Discord, Chrysalis, and Sombra. She would then become an Alicorn by finishing Starswirl’s spell. She was nervous at first about this because being a princess means a whole lot of responsibility. And I’m sure you would be nervous too if you became royalty.

    Going to another world to retrieve back her stolen crown from Celestia’s former pupil, Sunset Shimmer. Having a different body, learning how to walk on two legs, meeting her friends as humans. I don’t think Twi was given enough credit when the movie came out.

    She would get a castle, student, make friends with other creatures, and even build a school. She would also have to deal with Tirek, Starlight, The Pony of Shadow, Storm King, and kind of Cozy Glow.

    When Celestia and Luna announced the mane six plus Spike that they were retiring, they also said that Twilight would be the new ruler of Equestria. Of course, this made her nervous. But with the help of her friends, they can do it together. At first it was going to be in a few days, but they later realized that it was unfair to hand over the throne without giving her time to prepare. Giving her however time she needs throughout the last season.

    This made her feel calm, confident, and prepared as the season progressed. When the evil trio came and Discord was responsible for the disaster, that’s when she had a mental breakdown. She wasn’t sure what to do in that situation, but when her friends came, they told them that she’s made a big difference to all of them. If it weren’t for Twilight, the five of them wouldn’t have been closer with their bond of friendship as said by them. It’s also been seen that they were just friends (and when I say that, I mean they weren’t like good friends or best friends when they were together. Except for Rainbow and Fluttershy of course) as shown in Celestial Advice in Celestia’s flashback.

    Twilight has made a lot of decisions throughout the show. Some good, some bad. But it helped that she’s made friends with other creatures and even made peace with them. The School of Friendship helped spread that even further beyond there. Celestia knew that everything was pointing to Twilight of Equestria’s safety, from making Luna good, to bringing harmony to all creatures. She knew that Twilight could do a better job as ruler than her. Which is why she chose her.

    Twilight isn’t selfish, she cares about others and the safety of Equestria. Even to the point where she would steal something to save Equestria. While it was wrong for her to do that, her heart was still in the right place, just not her mind if you get what I’m saying. We’ve seen how much she loves Equestria and would want it to keep it safe from threats. You need a strong hero with great leadership if you want to make things better. New generations can make things better depending on how well they were raised and taught.

    If Twilight wasn’t involved with any of the things she had to face, the threat of Equestria would have won a long time ago. Especially if she didn’t learned anything about friendship. We’ve all seen the season 5 finale of how things would’ve turned out without Twilight and her friends saving Equestria.

    She’s left a lot of things that left a great impact on the country. None of those things were wasted when she became the new ruler of Equestria. I don’t have to repeat of the things she did. If we aren’t talking about villains, then everything would have remained the same and there wouldn’t be peace and harmony with the other creatures without Twilight. She still gets to see her friends every moon (which I think that means every month) and she’s made Equestria so much better than Celestia ever did during her time as ruler. She has a student who was just like her before. Luster Dawn realized that friendship isn’t a waste of time like she initially thought and so Twilight sent her to Ponyville, just like Celestia once did to her.

    There might be a follow up to this topic of Twilight as ruler and having some involvement with Celestia, and generations. But until then, Twilight will always still be a good character. She cares about the safety of others before herself. She cares about her home. I mean, wouldn’t you care about your home and lead it to safety?


    Why There Might Be So Many Cross-Species Merch Outfits in G5
    by: unicorndreams

    I have had a revelation. The reason that there are so many cross species promotions with merchandise is not because of some sort of magic alicorn transformation. It is because those characters are trying to blend into other communities. I noticed it when watching back the cast announcement, the cape/dress thing Pipp is wearing is totally covering her wings (This may also be when Izzy's song "Fit Right In" occurs). It's a technique used in a lot of other "hiding from the law in segregated fantasy times" plots. It makes even more sense because there is no magic to giveaway that Pipp's horn is a fake or anything else that Izzy might have crafted. I'm not the first one to notice this but I thought I'd point it out.


    Concerns I Have Regarding the G5 Movie Trailer
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So the G5 movie trailer has finally dropped and well it was pretty good! The animation is solid, the story looks promising, and it was quite funny, especially that line, “This isn’t my kid!” got a big laugh out of me!

    Except after seeing the trailer a few times, I have some concerns about the upcoming movie… Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking froward to the movie, but at the same time I’m kinda of worried…

    So most of you, as have I, have probably been wondering how the land of Equestria is the way it is after Twilight’s reign ended and so far it has been very ambiguous as to what happened. What with the three different kinds of ponies, Earth, Pegasus, and Unicorn, have all split apart from each other, seeming to have their own part of Equestria and all magic is gone. I mean the most we get is Izzy when she explained, “We did have it. It just, poof, disappeared.” How does that explain anything!?

    Now I guess you could say that it is better to have us guessing as to what happened, but I would like a small explanation, something to hint at what happened, rather than keep it secret until the movie drops.

    Another concern I have is the lack, so far, of other creatures, because we only see ponies, well talking, sentient beings that is, in the trailer. No Yaks, Dragons, Changelings, etc., have so far been shown and I’m wondering… What happened to them? Were they not integrated into Equestrian society so smoothly under Twilight’s reign? Maybe they were also affected by the ponies’ separation and thus split apart themselves to fend for their own kind.

    However it would be nice if we saw at least a few seconds of the other races, see how they’re faring or view this change in society. Maybe if they even chose sides between the three different ponies, I could totally see the Yaks siding with the Earth ponies or Hippogriffs with the Pegasus ponies.

    And finally, one of my major concerns is how come there were no windigos as the ponies broke apart from each other, with their magic gone. However I guess this can be explained by the fact there is a huge development in technology, because we saw cities being powered by electricity, with even big screen outside televisions showing news broadcasts. I guess the fact that electricity exists means there is no use for magic or maybe having the electricity somehow deters the windigos from showing up.

    That’s it for what my concerns are regarding what we have seen so far from the trailer! What other concerns did you have after watching the trailer!? Also I do hope some of my questions are answered, because I need to know or else it’s going to drive me crazy! (Nah, I’m kidding!)


    Is Twilight Really to Blame?

    I have been seeing a lot of people taking a look at G5’s premise and saying that Twilight Sparkle’s  mission as the Princess of Friendship has ultimately failed. In g5, the world is divided by racism, as it was in pre- founded Equestria’s past, and the tribes of ponies are not only distrustful and fearful of each other, but magic in its entirety is lost.

    Twilight herself said that “even when one friendship dies, the results can be disastrous”. The ending song of “the Cutie ReMark” hammered home the message that friendships of all sorts could change the world. And even though we saw that in the final episode of FiM, the entire town of Ponyville was accepting races and creatures of all sorts, we really do not know for certain if the entirety of Equestria or even the world has embraced that philosophy, of if certain friendships that were cultivated have had falling outs, and ultimately their friendships - or lack thereof- have led to the future (or present) of g5 being what it is.

    I find it unfair that the fandom is putting the entirety of the blame for g5 being what is is on Twilight Sparkle’s failings. As a Princess of friendship, she can only do so much. It is up to the individual ponies and species to keep their own friendships maintained- especially if they received personal visits from her and her friends before, through cutie map missions. Just as she told Starlight Glimmer, it’s her own responsibility to ensure that she maintains her friendships and keep them from falling apart.