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    History Always Repeats

    I have seen a fair share of people who were on board the pony ride for g4 (and who continue to be), getting their train tickets for the ride of g5 and wondering either what happened to Twilight Sparkle and friends, or if they will be making any sort of appearance in g5. I suppose that is a fair question, considering the fact that G5’s premise is that the tribes of ponies are separated, like the pre-founding of Equestria in g4 (or like the beginning story of g3), and they have to learn how to trust each other and all the tribes need to come together again. Fair enough.

    And as much as I hate for Twilight and friends to make an appearance in g5 (Hasbro, don’t we have enough toys of them?), I really have to think that we just might. You see, I feel as if g4 already presented many avenues to take the ponies out of the picture temporarily, and conveniently bring them back at will. The first option and explanation being a callback to the episode of “Shadow Play”. Basically, for whatever reason, just like the Pillars of Harmony from “ancient Equestria “ were sealed within Limbo by Starswirl, with the Pony of Shadows, so to could Twilight have done the same for her and her friends, and their disappearance have led to the eventual collapse of the harmonic system they had built.

    On the other hand, similar to the episode “Power Ponies”, they could’ve been either pulled involuntarily into a comic book (or regular book) world, with no way to escape from the inside, or like in the first Equestria Girls movie, have been busy in an alternate world, while time runs differently in their homes world and the harmonic system still proceeds to collapse and divide the tribes, leading up to g5.

    Hasbro and DHX have created many loopholes to tuck the ponies of g4 away, safe and sound, whether in comic books of pocket dimensions, only to bring them back at a later, more convenient time, especially with all their timely winery shenanigans and manipulation spells on top of that. (#NerfTheUnicorns) so I don’t think we have to worry much about cameos or main stays of g4 characters injected into g5, if you’re the sort of person who’s really desiring that….


    Is Sunny and Hitch the Twilight and Flash of Gen 5?
    By Double C

    With the new My Little Pony A New Generation coming, there have been already some materials leaked out about the new Mane 5. One of those is a book made in Poland that talk about the main plot of the movie like the magic has disappeared and the Mane 5 have to restore it and harmony. But what it also talks about is the relationship of 2 of the new main characters Sunny Starscout and Hitch Trailblazer. It states that both Sunny and Hitch have known each other since they were children and scenes show that he cares about her that he is willing to tag along. Seeing these 2 reminds me of my most favorite ship Twilight and Flash and there are possibilities they could be.

    Sunny is much like Twilight for she is curious, adventurous, and slightly crazy. They both want to bring magic and harmony to all pony kind. The difference besides the pony type is that Twilight hobby is reading while Sunny is roller skating. So in all, Twilight created harmony in Gen 4 while it will be Sunny to bring it back in Gen 5.

    Hitch is much like Flash despite they are of different pony type. While Flash is a guard and Hitch is a sheriff, they all involve protecting and helping those who need it. What really stand out of how similar is they both enjoy music but unknown if Hitch plays any instruments like Flash does with the guitar which I believe the pony version can play it.

    We know that Sunny has toy figures of the Mane 6 and enjoys hearing about the stories but unknown if Hitch ever liked it. While he does show the paranoia with the other pony types in the beginning but I think he secretly hold respect to Flash as much as Sunny does for Twilight. Despite being a pegasus, Flash may have played a role in his dream of protecting those in need and those he cares about.

    Now I’m not going to jump on this ship until the movie comes out and the upcoming series gives more details about these 2. But I can see 2 things that could make this relationship possible or at least hinted. Seeing how Hitch can help while trying to fit in would be something the writers of the show and comics had intended for Flash if he were assigned to Twilight. If you were to remember how embarrassed Twilight was when her friends teased her about having a crush on Flash, I can imagine Izzy, Zipp, and Pipp doing the same thing. So seeing what challenges both Sunny and Hitch will go through would be what we would have expect Twilight and Flash have gone through if some fans had just given it a chance.


    What (Probably) Happened Between G4 and G5
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So most of us have probably been wondering how the world of G5 came to be, taking place many, many years after G4, what happened still being a huge mystery, even after we now have the full official trailer, it is still very vague. So I been thinking recently about what could have happened between the two generations and how Equestria ended up during the time of G5…

    Starting off, we have the end of G4, with The Last Problem and Twilight’s coronation, starting Princess Twilight’s rule of Equestria, along with the Council of Friendship. During her reign, things obviously prosper, with all the lands having good relations with each other and Equestria a much more open society. However soon enough comes the first hurdle which would lead to the world of G5… (And things may get morbid, so prepare yourself…) One by one, Twilight’s friends and family pass on, until even Spike is gone, leaving Twilight alone for the first time in her life. She decides that Equestria will be okay without her and so she finally lets go of her immorality…

    With Twilight gone, as well as Celestia and Luna most likely, with Cadance also deciding to let go of her immorality, for the same reasons as Twilight. Equestria is left without the majority of its royalty. Flurry Heart, by now, is the sole ruler of the Crystal Empire, however her efforts in maintaining Equestria fails and she directs her focus to protecting the Crystal Empire.

    With the alicorn princesses gone from the equation, the ponies of Equestria are left to fend for themselves… At first they are still friendly to each other, trying to keep their connections to each other, knowing Equestria’s history if they don’t. They even decide to not reinstate the monarchy and go for a democracy maybe, which they have practiced to a limited degree before. For some time, this system works, however without a true central leader to unite them, things start to go wrong and reach a breaking point.

    What’s the breaking point? The discovery of electricity. Why do I say this? Well when we did see the trailer, not only have we seen Equestria’s technology having developed to a more modern state, but we have seen the unicorns in a poor state with their magic not working anymore. The discovery of electricity likely resulted in the unicorns somehow losing their magic and not being able to benefit like the Earth and Pegasus ponies have. The most we have seen from the unicorns is minimal lighting and a dance dance revolution game, while we saw the Pegasus having an entire city, complete with giant outside televisions and lighting for every street and building. The Earth ponies fell in the middle, benefitting from electricity still, with house lighting and movie theaters.


    What (Probably) Happened Between G4 and G5 Part 2
    By Alexrioponylover95

    I think I’ll stop it here at this point and I’ll pick up where I left with a second part! So I’ll see you than!

    So from the last part, we left off with the potential cause of the breaking point in Equestria’s history, the introduction of electricity and how it separated the three different pony kinds.

    With the Pegasus gaining the most from the new technology, with the ability to still fly, they take the top spot in Equestria, building what appears to be their capital high up in the mountains, most likely near or even at where Canterlot used to exist. They establish their own monarchy to lead them, with Queen Haven being one of the rulers during this time, along with her two daughters. The pegasus are unwilling to share their growth with the Earth and Unicorn ponies and maybe even put a high price on it to discourage the other two pony kinds from getting it.

    This of course causes the separation to go into full effect, with the three pony kinds marking their borders now, probably looking towards the other lands, like the Dragons, Yaks. etc. for mutual support. The Earth ponies, in the meantime, do succeed in making a bargain with Pegasus and are able to develop electricity soon for themselves. However, without the ability to fly of course, they can’t enjoy the same luxury as the Pegasus.

    Meanwhile the Unicorns, with their magic gone and maybe even distrustful of electricity, barely manage to survive, most of them having lost hope, with only a few, like Izzy, still cheerful. However, because of their pride, they are unwilling to reach out to the Earth and Pegasus ponies, maybe that’s why Izzy went out to where Sunny lived, to try and make peace, help the Unicorns get back on their hooves.

    Either way, this is the state of Equestria now, with the three different kinds of ponies living in their own separate area, with different levels of development and not willing to try and help each other out, much less keep any sort of communication. And well, this point is where G5 starts, with ponies like Sunny, Izzy, and Pipp coming of age and wanting to try and make things better for everypony by uniting them again behind a common thing they share.

    And that concludes on what I believe is the missing history between G4 and G5’s timeline and what could have happened to cause such a change in events. And I might be totally wrong and things could have gone much differently than what I imagined and thought! However what do you think happened in between the two generations and well the important events which led to what we have seen so far for G5!?