• Beloved Ponification Revision: Likonan - Celestia's Riddle 2021 (The Riddle Parody) [Eurodance]

    It is here!! Likonan's new version of his much, much wonderful ponification of The Riddle! (More precisely, Gigi D'Agostino's popular cover of Nik Kershaw's original song!) It's such a beloved and cherished ponification for me, ever since I found out about it through this awesome PMV using it (now removed from YouTube sadly) that is one of my favorite pony videos ever and that stayed very emotional for me for all these years. The emotion is real once again with this revised version from the OG musician Likonan (as you can see by my comment there), and the new vocals, sublimated melodies, and wonderful pony lyrics about the early seasons of MLP are hitting my soul once again as they call for nostalgia, brony spirit, and pony passion. This was made for the 9th anniversary of the original ponification, and I'm so thankful to Likonan for this... Such a sweet renewal of the brony spirit I felt then, giving me a new brony youth! I can only hope that you will appreciate this as much as I do! Ponies forever!! YAAAAAY!! (Fluttershy's voice)