• TrotCon Announces Racquel Belmonte & Elley-Ray for TrotCon Online This Month

    We've got some guest announcements for the upcoming TrotCon Online happening on the 16th of July through to the 18th. Kerfluffle and Mistmane in particular if you've ever wanted to see the faces behind their voices!

    Check out the press release below.




    #trotonline is in just two weeks! Let's announce two more guests, yeah?

    We're gonna be bringing Elley-Ray Hennessy and Racquel Belmonte to TrotCon Online this summer!

    Ever been to a single TrotCon in the past three or four years? You already know Elley-Ray, unofficial TrotCon VIP Guest Mom and altogether lovely person who brightens every stage she chooses to share. On the MLP side, you'll know her as the voice of Mistmane from the later seasons of MLP:FIM, and the rest of her filmography is leeengthy, including stints on Pink Is In, The Bagel and Becky Show, Mr. Meaty and much, much more.

    Belmonte comes to our neck of the woods as the voice of Kerfuffle from MLP: Rainbow Roadtrip, and more recently she's been starring as Claudia on the killer Netflix animated original The Dragon Prince, plus multiple series in the Lego universe.

    This is actually Belmonte's first trip to TrotCon! Make her feel welcome, won't ya? Yeah, of course you will.

    Elley and Racquel join previously announced guests Cole Howard and Brian Doe at TrotCon Online this month, with more to come before the start day. Excited? We sure are!

    There's also more to come on the community guest front, and we're also finalizing our list of vendors, panelists and musicians to share with y'all. Hope you'll come prepared to buy some cool pony wares and listen to awesome music and panel programming throughout the weekend.

    Remember, TrotCon Online is FREE, but we've got some ways to support the con for our future IRL events still available, including sponsor boxes, pins for sale and more. Visit our website for more information on ALL OF THAT: https://trotcon.net/trotcononline

    We've also got applications and pre-registation up for December 2021; that's also on our website. Stoked to be able to put on another event for you in Columbus, Ohio, SUPER soon.

    In the meantime, see y'all virtually in two weeks!