• Random My Little Pony Merch - G5 Stuff, Large Size "Big Movie Friends" Brushables, Box Messups, and More!

    Now that G5 is in full swing on the merchandise side, it's time to bring these posts back! We have lots of random stuff popping up at stores and on various websites. As always, if you run into something please send it to submit@equestriadaily.com and we will either give it  a post or include it here!

    Lets start with that completely accidental Pipp in Zipp packaging above! This is apparently a thing floating around out there at Walmart. It might be worth something if this movie ends up good! Thanks to Anon for the picture.

    Now go get random merch below!

    Figura My Little Pony: A New Generation Grandes Amigos do Filme - Izzy Moonbow / Sunny Starscou (Translation: Big Movie Friends)

    Izzye Here / Sunny Here
    Thanks to Oleron for the heads up!

    My Little Pony: A New Generation Movie Crystal Adventure Zipp Storm - 3-Inch White Pony Toy with Surprise Accessories, Friendship Bracelet (Available on Amazon)

    Amazon Link

    My Little Pony MLP Crystal Adventure Ponies PIPP

    Amazon Link

    My Little Pony Dream More 24 oz. Tritan Water Bottle

    Entertainment Earth Link
    Thanks to Jeffrey for the link!

    Pony Life Decals

    Found at Dollar Tree
    Thanks to Manaminori and OmegaCoder for the heads up!

    Cadance Invading... Unicorn Erasers?

    Found at Seller Bros
    Thanks to Levi for the heads up!

    Weird "Romantic Merry" Pony Knockoffs

    Found in Finland
    Thanks to Imperial Pint for the heads up!

    Knockoff Rainbow Dash Hand Sanitizer

    From Dollar General
    Thanks to Metallic Roselle for the image!

    Swedish MLP Magazine Rainbow Dash

    Found in Sweden as part of their My Little Pony Magazine bonus figure.
    Thanks to Shooting Tornado for the heads up!

    Generation 5 Girls' My Little Pony 4pc Pajama Set - Purple
    Found at Target.
    Thannks to SakuraTheKirin for the heads up!
    My Little Pony 20 Page Imagine Ink Magic Ink Pictures with 1 Mess Free Magic Ink Marker Bendon 51415

    From Amazon

    MLP Movie Singing Star Pipp - French

    From Amazon

    My Little Pony 48 Page Coloring Book with 4 Crayons and Stickers Bendon 51412

    From Amazon

    My Little Pony 48 Page Color and Trace Coloring Book with 8 Tracing Sheets and Stickers Bendon 51408

    From Amazon