• My Little Pony Generations #1 Solicitation Revealed - Writer, Synopsis, and Artist

    My Little Pony: GenerationsMy Little Pony: GenerationsMy Little Pony: Generations

    Well this is weird. 

    Not having a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic book to post the monthly solicitation for is definitely weird.

    However, we have the official solicitation for the upcoming Generation 4/Generation 1 crossover, which was announced exclusively by us a month ago.

    To say there is new information in the solicitation would be an understatement. There's LOTS of new info about the crossover in this one! And this info is going to being up a whole slew of new questions…

    Which you'll be able to check out for yourself after the break!

    My Little Pony: Generations #1
    Casey Gilly (w) • Michela Cacciatore (a) • Amy Mebberson (CVR A) • Agnes Garbowska (CVR B) • Samantha Whitten (1:10 RI CVR)

    A brand-new Pony adventure begins here, encompassing generations both old and new when G1 and Friendship is Magic collide!

    A long time ago, an evil witch named Hydia sought to destroy pony-kind. Now her granddaughters, Grackle and Dyre, are back to finish the job!

    With the School of Friendship overloaded with students, Starlight Glimmer and the Mane Six reach out for help. Enter: Violet Shiver, Shadow Storm, and Black Belle! But these ponies aren't quite what they seem; in fact, they're working for Grackle and Dyre! With their sights set on revenge and a brand-new Smooze on hand, the young witches and their dastardly creations are ready to cause some mayhem...

    FC • 22 pages • $3.99

    LCS Order Due Date: August 18th, 2021

    Estimated Street Date: October 20th, 2021

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