• Katrina Salisbury (Yona) Is Coming to TrotCon Online!

    More voice talent is confirmed for the upcoming Trotcon Online for all of you looking to party on the internet in a few days.

    Below the break, get the press release for all the relevent information!

    Katrina Salisbury Is Coming to TrotCon Online!

    Let's give a big round of applause for our final VIP guest for TrotCon Online, Katrina Salisbury!

    Salisbury comes to our neck of the woods thanks to her portrayal of Yona in the later seasons of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Since then, she's been one of our favorite guests of honor to have at TrotCon, whether it's in person or here at #trotonline.

    You might also know Katrina from roles in Tobot, Beyblade Burst or Molly of Denali.

    She'll be on hand for multiple guest of honor panels and autograph sessions this weekend, alongside Racquel Belmonte, Elley-Ray Hennessy, Brian Doe and Cole Howard!

    Speaking of: gotten your autograph or virtual meet-and-greet squared away yet? You can virtually meet all these fine folks -- or just get an autographed print if you so choose -- for this weekend right here.

    Today (July 12) is also the final day for #trotonline pre-registration, which means you won't be able to snag a plush or the special wallpaper after today (though you'll still be able to purchase pins and sponsor boxes, request a Discord role, etc., all the way leading up to and during this weekend). Help us get a head count! More info here.

    Finally, a note that our schedule, as well as our list of musicians for our two-night concert, is now live; hit up this page for all you need to know.

    TrotCon Online is almost here! See y'all in a few days!