• Equestria Girls Pet Project Follow Up


    If there can be one constant in your life that you know will cheer you up and be there for you when the times get tough, it’s a little animal who sleeps in your bed and can possibly scare your neighbors. As Lyra has said before, there is nothing like a best friend and here, that includes pets. All the Mane 6 have a pet in their lives from the sensible Tank the tortoise to the high maintenance Opal the cat. But in the Humane 7, we have one with no pet of her own. If I were to give this short a moral, it would be that one of the first friends you make that becomes like family is a pet. Either that or be mindful of your pet laws depending on where you live. Not everyone can have an alligator with no teeth as a pet. Let’s take a look at the fun and furry.


    So if you thought Fluttershy was obsessed with animals as a pony, think about it this was. This is a pet shop in the mall. I thought it was the animal shelter Fluttershy mentions a lot, but when watching this along with the “So Much More To Me” music video, these are actually two different locations. Fluttershy just volunteers are a shelter and works for a pet show/groomers since that is Wynona, the Apple family dog compared to the random animals we see in that music video. At this point, I’m ready to say Fluttershy is going to move into a cottage in the woods or join a bunch of environmentalist hippies to travel the world for animal rights. Wonder when she’ll run into Tree Hugger and her very tasty “brownies”.


    Fluffy puppy. That is all. Maybe not the best idea to bath her with her collar on through. Might ruin the leather or wash off letters from her tags.


    Ok I have no idea why a lot of their job uniforms look like they stepped out of an 80’s catalogue, but I love them. They really love including these cute headbands or hair accessories that I just adore, including this one on Fluttershy’s uniform with the big green bow and bright fuchsia button in the middle. Not to mention it’s a great color scheme when I usually see Flutters in pale pinks and green so nice mix with the darker pink for the skirt and pin.

    Ok so this does make more sense that maybe the pet store and animal shelter are probably the same company or part of the same branch since this photo shoot for the calendar will be to help raise money for the animal shelter. It’s nice that it gets to feature the Humane 7’s pets, but I would think this would work better for animals with no owners so that they can be see on the calendar and possibly adopted. I can tell you a few people I know who would adopt a dog with this much swag when sitting down. It’s not me. For once I can’t deny Angel Bunny’s cute smile. His pony world counter part could learn a thing or two about being sweet like this.


    So does anybody else have this look when just seeing a dog being walked by their owners and want to just give it one pet or a squeeze hug but don’t want to disturb them while on their walk so you just stare without trying to make it weird? No? yeah me either.

    Fluttershy: “I have the power to make you bend to my will”

    I don’t know many souls alive that can deny a face like this. I thought her trademark “stare” would control the minds of animals (and godly chaotic beings), but this would just crush me. And she’s offering to get me a forever friend in a furry little creature? Shut up and take my money you destroyer of worlds through cuteness!


    So of course this just rubs in how lonely not having a pet can be. You’re literally looking at your friends smile and beam just being around their pets and having a nice time. Except…hold on. We’re counting Pinkie’s stuffed animal Gummy as a pet for this photo shoot? I mean to the average person maybe they’re think it’s a toy for one of the other pets if photographed together, but still. Sunset you better go get a plushie or something for this photo shoot. Or maybe…have you ever heard of a pet rock?


    Ok I need you guys to tell me who’s best pet or at least has the best smile in this photo because why not. I don’t deny matching Opal’s mood, but there’s just something about that gator in the front that just speaks to me on a whole deeper and introspective level.


    Sunset: “Got room for one more?”


    Pinkie: “You’re not a pet, silly.”

    I…uhhh…you know what? I’ll leave it alone. Regardless of the fandom this series has brought, I will not make the obvious joke. It’s too easy anyway. If you know, then you know. But it sounds like Sunset is ready for the big commitment of pet companionship. Good for her!


    I want to think there might be some really, really obvious reasons as to why Sunset wouldn’t want something…furry. I mean…we know what she was in a different lifestyle so maybe it makes sense to not hold a hamster and think “wow, my coat was just as furry when I was a unicorn”.


    Hey look it’s first EqG movie Sunset. They cannot tell me they did these colors by accident. Not to mention it’s somehow called a Betta fish (pronounced “bay-ta”). They did this on purpose and they know it.

    This is the face of someone who knows what they’re doing and how to do it. I don’t even remember if Fluttershy made a smug looking faces like this when helping Rainbow Dash in “May the Best Pet Win”. And I can see Sunset being the one to like reptiles. Maybe it’s this non-traditional personality she has where she just has quirks that are interesting and make you want to identify with her. And a lot of people don’t usually like reptiles as pets. I had a fascination with snakes when I was younger, but since my arm was practically choked to death when watching Snakes on a Plane with my mother for the first time, I knew a pet snake would be out of the question.

    And just like that, the magical connection between animal and human has been made and this little guy knows he’s the best and coolest pet for best and coolest character. The expressions on these characters’ faces are amazing in this short. I have no idea where they got them from, but I love every frame of it.


    Oh great. Here comes the cute heart attacks. This is the best picture of pets we’ll probably ever have. Angel Bunny being a cute rascal, Spike losing that cool swag, Tank and Gummy having probably a really nice conversation, and Opal and Wynona just happy to be here. Ray the gecko…lizard…something or other, is a great addition to the numerous furs we got running around and just look at that personality. Very fitting for him to be very much like Sunset where he’s shy to get any attention or be in the picture to making that picture his own and showing off his friendly personality.

    And that was Pet Project, what can I say? I love cute animals. This was just sugar coated sugar with a side of sugar and peach cobbler for dessert. I wish there were at least more moments with Ray the gecko with Sunset in the shorts, but I guess with introducing new characters it’s hard to know what to do with them after a while *cough* Cadance *cough, cough*. But this was a fun short that’s basically the less dangerous and shorter version of “May the Best Pet Win”. No dangerous obstacle course or competition needed here. Just a bright connection. Hopefully you’ll share stories about your own pets in the comments and let me live vicariously through you in pet companionship. I’m Penny Wrights and I have hours of pet videos to binge until morning.