• Equestria Girls The Last Drop Follow Up


    It’s summertime and that means getting some form of the party started and for that, we need some good music options. I’m at that age where the music I grew up with is too old to be retro so maybe some interesting dubstep options is more in favor. If there was a moral to this short, it would be to understand every form of music even if it’s not to your taste. Either that or try not to completely be random with a random guest star to help you with your act. Just a bit on the risky side. Let’s see how Vinyl Scratch turns up the tunes with our special options from the audience.


    So it seems you really can just get on a stage and start playing at a music festival. But unlike with the Let It Rain” music video with Sunset Shimmer, I can believe that Vinyl put in her application to perform after the last Starswirl festival. Even better, I’m pretty sure she’s a veteran of performing here. Otherwise, that sound mixing car from Rainbow Rocks would’ve gone to waste. My shipping senses want her to perform some classical dubstep like from the Slice of Life episode with Octavia, but this is still good, too.


    I do think it’s interesting to find Big Mac of all people is down to party. I guess you can blame it on how a lot of shows do quiet, stoic characters where they’re only around small groups of people and aren’t into being loud of talkative. But I guess with Big Mac coming from a large family he can be used to the loudness and maybe even into being sociable. I am glad we also get Sunset and Fluttershy supporting a classmate on stage and even aware of some interactive gimmick Vinyl has planned. And just because I think it’s amazing, but they even use her stage name DJ Pon3 and I’m happy when the creators find a way to use both canon name and fandom name in the series (i.e Bon Bon as secret agent Sweetie Drops)


    And this is the face anybody would make when you’re expecting the beat to drop and then a spotlight shines on you. We can at least be glad Fluttershy didn’t run behind Sunset or Big Mac when this happened like in Rainbow Rocks. See, progress. But we now have out options from the three characters that spoke in this short. Who knew? Let’s see how each one puts their own spin on an electronica performance. 

    Sunset Option


    I don’t know if it’s just me or being so into video games of any era, but I love the pixelated art for this interactive video game. Though having Sunset riding on a unicorn instead of her being the unicorn is…ok maybe I won’t touch on that one. 8 bit gaming interactive. I’m into it.


    I’m way too sure now that Vinyl has technologies that are not too known in this world. It’s not unlikely to connect your smartphone to a game, but if I can be a little nerdy here? How do you control things through an AUX cord meant for sound? Who programmed a game that can be adapted to be used on mobile through an AUX cord? How did Vinyl program it to show her face on Sunset’s phone? So many questions, but I cannot help how cool I think this is.


    So…many…technical wonders. If Sunset was really chosen “at random”, how is her portrait up on the screen of the game next to the health? And now Sunset’s phone is a tapping controller for this large, colorful, and digital platformer. Can I see how anyone made this game with Vinyl Scratch practically not talking the whole show?


    Ok seriously. Someone make this a mobile game already. It’s incredibly cute, the 8 bit music is great, it runs smooth for something connected to a phone, and it’s screams the memories of Nyan Cat that plagued my middle school life. An audience interactive is usually someone singing or dancing along, but we get a full on video game playthrough at a concert. 


    So from what it looks like, even the game is interactive for Vinyl as well. It seems she can possibly input creatures to make things more challenging. With this, you can control how the player moves and see if they can outmaneuver you and it makes no two levels the same. This is similar to a game I know called Rogue Legacy that was also randomized when you lose a life and it happens a lot when it’s also a bullet hell (games that have you running and fighting to avoid obstacles). But Vinyl seems to be making this as it goes so this is happening in real time compared to pre-programmed levels.   


    And to get to the final win, Sunset’s sprite changes into her ultra mode Daydream Shimmer from Friendship Games. No, really. This was supposed to be random, right? This was totally not already planned. All around, this was awesome and just the idea of a mini game interactive is super cool. Big props to whoever programmed this for Vinyl or if she’s just a tech genius.

    Fluttershy Option


    Well, can’t say this wasn’t gonna be the reaction I would expect from Fluttershy. And for someone like Vinyl, I’m sure she would know how quiet and reserved she can be. But I guess when this same shy classmate has fought demons, sirens, and plant monsters with her friends, being on stage should be a cake walk. Vinyl, you might be eating the wrong cake.


    I guess I wasn’t wrong about audience interactives including picking an audience member to bust a move. Again, might be asking a lot here, Vinyl. And the fact that she kind of had to charade it to her is also a bit of a concern, but let’s see how Fluttershy does.


    Ok yeah. Vinyl is a genius who knows how to work with anybody. She knew Fluttershy is a animal lover and with some good visuals and howling wolves, maybe she can bring out the animal in her. Not a bad idea. And I don’t deny this music is a banger. 


    Yeah we’re not gonna question where any of these animals came from. Birds and a stray cat is one thing. Who brought a chicken to a music festival? Or since they’re in the woods somewhere, maybe a chicken got lose from someone’s farm? But it looks like she’s getting the help she needed from some interesting back up dancers.


    Fluttershy: “The beat’s about to get…WILD!”

    Awesome shots because why not? Vinyl found a way to combine animals and animal sounds, electronic music, and a shy girl into one big performance that’s again, “random”. I wouldn’t think I would hear barnyard animals in my dubstep music, but for some reason it works here. And even better, Fluttershy is really feeling the vibe and letting loose. Truly a top moment for her in the EqG universe.


    Yeah I still have questions. WHERE DID THESE ANIMALS ALL COME FROM?!? The smaller ones are fine and I figured Vinyl put animal sounds in her music. But no. These animals only perform live. So either Fluttershy’s powers just so happened to summon a horse, cow, chicken, a cat and dog, I would have to say Vinyl somehow rented animals to be on her stage? That’s some dedication to a great sound. Can’t possibly excuse the smell though, but Vinyl looks satisfied.


    Fluttershy: “Rawr!”

    Well…at least the creators didn’t add an “UWU” to the mix. I can live with a cute “rawr” from Miss Wild over here. This was super fun and this might be a favorite for music just because the beat was catchy and adding animal noises is pretty interesting. I guess I should also be glad no foxes were used in the making of this song.

    Big Mac Option


    Ok now I know there was nothing random about this and this was definitely not planned with the people involved, but Vinyl just knew the right person would be in her crowd during her performance. Did she even know Big Mac can play a banjo? He wasn’t in the Battle of the Bands with anyone during Rainbow Rocks unless this was for any other Apple family relative in the audience. Guess Applejack missed out on her brother being center stage.

    (Editor’s Note: If you haven’t noticed, they have Cheerilee in the background and this is the only time she’s been in the background for this specific option. Just thought you should know)


    Ok creators, you’re doing this on purpose now. I know Sugar Belle isn’t canon in the EqG world, but stop trying to fuel this much shipping power. Every time this guy is on stage she is always somewhere in the crowds whether it’s here or Big Mac in the Ponytones passing out. Are we sure that love potion isn’t still in her body from “Heart And Hooves Day”? Because I think that splash damage is dangerous to reach another dimension.

    (Editor’s Note: Also I’m not entirely sure about Big Mac’s age since we know Cheerilee is a teacher, but Big Mac isn’t. Meaning this is technically a student-teacher relationship, which should probably not be ok)


    These two really have the makings of being great musicians. Not a lot of musicians can improvise right on the spot with what they’re given. Vinyl would still have to make the beat work with whatever Big Mac plays and Big Mac has to make it not too complicated for Vinyl to catch up and plan out how the set will sound on the spot. Add in controlling lighting and visuals on her screen and you got an improv jam session.


    Yeah I can bet this would be someone’s computer or phone wallpaper if they’re big enough Mac fans (*slowly thinking about it*) but these visuals are amazing and I’m not entirely sure how Vinyl is doing them. Holograms, maybe? And we even get a little singing from Big Mac…even if it’s just one word. But in terms of some electronica music, you don’t always need full lyrics. Even a single sentence or one word can add something to the mix.


    Obligatory cute Big Mac face because yes. This was a fun mix of country and electronic music that really worked well for two people. I can’t tell you how tricky it can be to not only improvise, but to improvise with another person. Needing to balance the sounds, tempo and not going to crazy or knowing when to pull back is a tactical marvel I can’t help but be impressed with. Pair that with some fun visuals and you got a techno hoedown that’ll get you moving.

    And that was The Last Drop, a random (yes, I’m gonna keep using that word) assortment of musical options to have at your next DJing gig. It’s hard to say which one I liked the most since they’re all so different. An interactive game, dancing, or instrumental accompaniment are all great ideas and made a great performance even more amazing. I might like the Fluttershy option more just because the music got to me more, but I love the style of the interactive game Sunset played. This was too much fun to watch and listen to and hopefully it got you on your feet as well. I’m Penny Wrights and I have even more My Little Pony remix playlists to blast through my TV.