• Equestria Girls Increment Leather Follow Up


    You know, there’s always something to really enjoy about these “Choose Your Ending” videos. For one thing, I kind of wished the original show had shorts like that. Can you imagine trying to change the ending for just a random short. Maybe even having Babs Seed with a different Cutie Mark instead of scissors? But If there’s one things I love is the choice of taking advice and turning it on its head in your favor. That’s apparently a talent I didn’t realize would come from Rarity. If I were to give this short a moral, it would be to look on the brighter side of things and be ready for anything to happen. Either that or trends are strange and should probably be taken with a grain of salt when you see them on social media. Let’s see how our fashionista deals with a fashion emergency.


    I gotta say these two are probably the most patient when it comes to Rarity going on and on about her fashion looks. They’re honestly just happy that she’s happy and that feels good in a way. Makes sense to have them as options for Rarity's issues.


    And what’s probably not a good thing is using your friend’s pet as a walking breeze machine with a hair dryer to make the fringe on your jacket stand out even more. I honestly can’t tell if this is something Spike would’ve done when asked or if this is more of the dragon Spike coming out to please Rarity. I have to remember that this is still a born and raised dog, so maybe just an increased sense of loyalty is the culprit. 


    You know the phrase “don’t rain on my parade?” Yeah what Rarity is going through is a natural disaster wrapped up in soaking wet suede. I do understand the issue since suede is hard to take care of and a delicate fabric to have get wet. Not to mention she probably made this jacket herself so seeing something you made get ruined is pretty devastating. 


    Devastation- noun; great destruction or damage; severe and overwhelming shock or grief; i.e. this face. 

    Funny how we have Rarity, Applejack and Twilight in another rain based pickle similar to Season 1’s “Look Before You Sleep”. I wonder if we can count on another intense pillow fight to the death. Or smores. Smores make everything a little better. But we have two options at the ready for ideas on how to save her wardrobe. Wonder who the third will be.

    Applejack Option

    Sweet Luna it’s practically an identical mirror. The only difference is that instead of being hostile to each other, Applejack is more or less trying to find a silver lining in why it’s raining. Doesn’t stop Rarity from being a bit upset over not just her wet jacket, but now her nice shoes covered in mud.


    I don’t know if this silver lining is working in Applejack’s favor. Seeing the silver lining is fine, but I don’t think Rarity’s silver lining is finding worms for fishing bait or using mud as camouflage for sneaking up on a pig. Not things I see Rarity doing anytime soon. And please AJ don’t get your outfit dirty. It’s my favorite festival look.


    I really have nothing to say here. This was just a cute face and reaction to a bright idea Rarity has. Ship fuel increases everyday for me.


    So I have no idea where this pop up lounge area came from or if it’s something from the music festival. But it looks like Rarity found a better use for the mud in the form of a mud mask for facials. Seriously anyone who likes this choice secretly loves Look Before You Sleep as their favorite episode of Season 1. 

    Maybe mud just works for Rarity and it's always meant for it to be Applejack that makes her realize she can even make mud look fabulous. Sorry, my shipping side is showing.

    Leave it to Twilight to pull out a hint of logic in the fact that this improv spa treatment doesn’t fix her soaked jacket hanging up in the back. But as long as Rarity is happy with something, I guess that silver lining thing works in her favor. Just not for getting worms or pigs.

    Twilight Sparkle Option

    Of course Twilight would be prepared for something like changes in the weather. Even in one of the shorts, she had a fanny pack with items needed for any kind of emergency. Apparently including a rain coat, self-drying umbrella, rain collector, and detachable windshield whippers for glasses.


    Sadly Twilight didn’t make any of that or bring it with her and the face Rarity makes feels like she’s ready to kill her for getting her hopes up. Twilight why would you say all this and then just smile in her face when you have none of those items with you? That’s just too cruel. So what exactly did you prepare Twilight?


    Ah. She brought trash bags. A very overlooked item but useful when cleaning up after staying out in the woods for long periods of time. But it looks like Rarity might be able to work with these trash bags in her favor. Again, taking the advice of others to make it work for her. 


    Trash bag ponchos. I don’t deny this was probably the best idea they could’ve came up with on the spot. Not to mention that since Rarity is a fashion designer, she can make a rain poncho probably out of anything with the right fabric. Just so happens the fabric this time is a trash bag. Very practical.


    Correction: trash bag ponchos…with fringe. Because it’s Rarity and why not add some dazzle to the plastic. Guess she didn’t have a bag of rhinestones with her to make it bejeweled. This was a good idea and really the quickest and logical way to solve a rainy situation while still enjoying the festival. But that still leaves me with a question. Who is our third option in this fashion disaster?

    Vignette Valencia Option

    Well…can’t say I was expecting something like her showing up. Not a lot of reoccurring antagonists show up to actually be helpful to others, but are just there to be seen in the crowds as Easter eggs. But Vignette is a fashionable person so this would probably be the time to ask her for help. Also, is the guy in the spiky jacket reading a book on math or physics? Interesting.


    Yeah probably not the prettiest site in the world being soaked from head to toe and having your make up running like that. Maybe Vignette has a staff of followers that can run a coat over to her or get her to a salon at least. At this rate she’ll catch a cold.



    I have no idea why I would’ve thought she would be a normal, sensible option here. I guess she has a silver lining way of thinking about it, but instead of practical, it’s more like embracing the look to make it a trend. I think even Rarity was confused by this type of advice and I don’t blame her.


    And just like that Lyra and Bon Bon came up with the Water Bucket Challenge. But it looks like one social media post later and everyone wants the wet hair look for their own. Yeah I might be showing my age here, this is both silly and a fun way of being a part of something. Yeah you have people dumping water all over their hair and clothes, but it’s all in good fun, I guess.


    I can at least admit this. This is probably a better moral than Season 7’s “It Isn’t the Mane Thing About You” when dealing with embracing the bad things and not letting it get to you. Rarity took Vignette’s advice to embrace this carefree trend and now she has followers taking part. This probably helps when you have a close friend who’s a social media influencer. I’m so glad Rarity can grow as a person from this ordeal.


    Well…at least until the wind dries out her wet hair into a tangled mess. Maybe grab a hair pick and rock the afro look? It might work out for her. But I think finding Spike with that hair dryer should be the top priority for her this time. Or ask Lyra and Bon Bon to borrow that bucket for more water to dump on. 

    And that was Inclement Leather, a short on dealing with rain in every sense of the word. This was interesting to watch since Rarity is better at working under pressure and trying to bring the light from the inside out. Not to mention making everyone’s advice work more for her. It’s not that she ignored anyone’s ideas but took them into account and put her creative spin on it. It’s pretty innovative. I might be just a practical person, but my favorite option was Twilight’s. Coming up with rain ponchos out of trash bags is something I think anyone could use in dealing with weather changes. It was nice to see Vignette again and to see that she’s still friends with Rarity. She’s a very interesting and unique character that feels like people I’ve met in real life and how absorbed they can be on the interwebs. But at least she helped turn trouble into a trend. I’m Penny Wrights and I think I’ll buy a mud mask at a store and not from my backyard.