• Who is Your Favorite Pony Plushie Maker?

    Pony plushies are one of the few things that have only sped up in their prevelance over time as the fandom gets older. Back in the day, there were only a handful of skilled crafters pumping out awesome little cloth statuettes of cartoon horses. Now days, there are at least 20 regular crafters constantly creating them as full time jobs, and way more than periodically throw their skills into the ring for fun.

    Whether you are an owner or just someone that appreciates looking at galleries of them, there's a lot to love about this side of the fandom.

    Who is your favorite plushomancer? If you own a plushie, who made it, and did you get a little desktop horse companion or a full life-size pony that takes up half your couch? Discuss below, and show them off if you got them!