• Unlisted Videos are Being Privated on Youtube - Backup Your Favorites!

    This is a general PSA for all of the pony video or music lovers out there. Youtube will be removing all videos created before 2017 that are set to "unlisted" starting on the 23rd of July. This means old classics that creators have left up under hidden links as they transition away from pony are going to be hidden for any of them that don't pop back in and toggle an option to avoid this.

    It's always a good idea to backup stuff you like on Youtube. There are addons for all of the major browsers that will do it, along with website that will grab the video as a download for you right at the top of a quick google search. Be sure to snag any that you might have on your like lists just in case they are set as unlisted! If the creator isn't active anymore, they will disappear.

    You can find Youtube's announcement for it below.