• Show Song Lovely Vocal Cover: Violight & Voxel Hoof feat. Banquo0 - Can I Do It On My Own (Vocal Cover) (Covering Daniel Ingram)

    Normally Vocal Covers don't get solo posts, but I'm making another exception because this is just so lovely and reflecting our community's values, I just have to show it to you all!! This is literally ponies from the community gathering and making the MLP episodes and their morals happen in real life, supporting each other and helping each other!! As you can see with their OCs present in the video, and them singing the song and applying the positive messages of the episode between themselves! More details in the description! That heart-warming initiative and the cute vocals all around just made me melt, and I hope it will do that effect to you too, and that you will see the kind of lovely things that are being made around these parts!