• New Remix War Album! My Little Remix - Brony vs. Brony Remix War X: 10th Anniversary Invitational

    This just makes me so happy! For the 10th anniversary of "Brony vs. Brony Remix War" who gave birth to My Little Remix, Supersaw Hoover organized a reunion compilation album of remixes of musicians from "back then" as the description says on Bandcamp, and this is the result!! 12 lovely and brand new remixes are being showcased here, and they're all so very nostalgic! My favorites are track #2 that sounds just so cool and nostalgic, #5 that is such an awesome fusion, #7 that sounds so cute and Equestria-like, #8 that is a lovely take on the classic Rainbow Factory, and #10 that is such a trip to some of the original brony spirit! All the remixes are awesome and very appreciated though!

    Download the album of remixes from Bandcamp here!