• More Pony Music! Tunes From Our Ever-thriving Music Scene

    Want even more pony music to appreciate? Come find out what everypony else has been up to in this post! And don't forget to sub to the musicians and let them know that you appreciate what they make! Let's always support each other's endeavors! Onwards to Equestria!

    1. Sound Bandit & Fin - U Smooze U Lose (Evershade's Party Remix)

    Vocal - Hyperpop

    Evershade remixed that fun collab from Sound Bandit and Fin, amping up the party vibes!

    2. Max Ehrat - Apple Bloom

    Vocal - Hip Hop

    A newcomer to the pony music scene, Max Ehrat has a lot of potential with lovely rapping and TLT vibes in the instrumental! Let's wish them all the best!

    3. Cat Sonata - The Royal Pegasi March

    Instrumental - Orchestral

    Cat Sonata composed a march in honor of the upcoming G5 of MLP, and it definitely sounds promising and fitting for the hype party!

    Listen to it on Soundcloud here!

    4. Nyancat380 - Reality Check

    Vocal - Dubstep

    Nyancat380 has experimented with sounds once again to deliver a cool and intriguing track that also samples lines from Dashie!

    5. Yuru - Risen (VIP)

    Instrumental - House

    A quality VIP of Yuru's original track! With such a title, maybe it could be about Twi's ascension to alicorn.

    6. Nymund9 - Enemy Undefined (Covering PrinceWhateverer & Jalmaan)

    Vocal - Metal

    Nymund9 did awesome with this new tribute to the epic song and spiritual successor to Destabilize!

    7. Ocean Melody - Fight for the Day (Remaster)

    Instrumental - Orchestral

    Ocean melody updated their original tribute to Daybreaker from 2017 with a new soundscape that is richer than ever!

    8. Ponytronic - Myopia

    Instrumental - Drumstep

    An enthralling track from Ponytronic going forth in his signature style! It has a concept involving Tavi and Vinyl, explained in the description!

    9. Toby Macarony - Grey Rainbow (Trailer Version)

    Instrumental - House

    A shorter version of a track part of a new upcoming album from Toby, this one heralds a different musical direction as explained in the description!

    10. PrinceSlayer - Broken Love

    Vocal - Soft Rock

    PrinceSlayer has been quite active with lots of lovely pony songs lately! Check out these lovely pony lyrics, and the other songs on his channel!

    12. Whirlwind - What My Cutie Mark Is Telling Me (Drums Cover) (feat. Drummershy)

    Vocal - Drums Cover

    It happened, the dreamed collab drums performance between Whirlwind and Drummershy! And chosing that show song was such a lovely idea!

    12. DJ SkyStorm - Party At Vinyl Scratch's House

    Instrumental - Techno

    DJ SkyStorm's first original track, it's themed around Vinyl and it has such fitting blissful early Electronic vibes!

    13. 7th Stive - Quartz

    Instrumental - Trip Hop/Downtempo

    Such a mystical track with an emotional atmosphere! It's part of VibePoniez Plaza!


    Deavas - Fresh Princess of Equestria (Fresh Prince Parody) [15.ai]

    MC-Arch Live @ BABScon 2021 + Pony Town - 29/05/2021

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