• FLUTTERSHY Music: PSFMer - Shrouded Soul [Drum & Bass]

    I always love it when pony tracks have some deep and thoughtful story behind them from the musician and fellow pony fan, and when each part or instrument has some kind of meaning to it in relation to the story! For the others who love that kind of things, you will be delighted with PSFMer's Fluttertrack Shrouded Soul (included in P@D Oceansong) that is all about the progression of the passionate pony throughout the episode from how she found out about her love of singing to overcoming her stage fright with the help of friends. Such a lovely message has been represented here wonderfully, and many parts and instruments in the song are reflecting a certain part of the episode or a trait of Flutter's chara depth as shown in the episode, read all about it from the lengthy description on YouTube that is so appreciated!! I can't be the only one in the community who cares a lot about that kind of things, so go show PSFMer and tell him how you appreciate it too! Onwards to the comments section!

    As always thge SFM art used in the video has been crafted with love by PSFMer as well!