• Fanfiction: Amo Ergo Sum


     Author: DrakeyC
    Description: By the year 2238, two-thirds of humanity have become "ponies', living in an online virtual reality paradise where everything they could ask for is theirs to have at a moment's notice. It is a world of freedom, where all biological needs are eliminated and you can live forever doing whatever it is that pleases you.

    But for some, Equestria can seem less a paradise and more a prison, an artificial and manufactured place where nothing is real and everything is a simulated lie to make you feel comfortable. Perhaps, even the feelings of the mare sitting next to you holding your hoof. How could you ever be sure even your own feelings are truly yours if you're just a program stored on a server?

    Does living in Equestria mean Twilight Sparkle has to choose between her heart and her soul?

    Amo Ergo Sum 

    Additional Tags: Can you digitize a heart and soul?