• Equestria Girls "Let It Rain" Follow Up


    Well since the area I’m living in is getting some intense rain and floods, might as well do an intense power ballad music video about rain. It seemed only fair. And boy what a music video it was. Lots of great lighting, great lyrics and power slides. Because you can’t have a rockin’ acoustic power ballad without power slides. If I were to give this music video a moral, it’s pretty much in the song itself. Even through the hard times, you have to know there’s a light at the end of it all. It’s all right to feel the pain or sadness as long as there’s hope that it gets better. Either that or become Zeus and get lightning powers to force through the weather. Whichever metaphor works for you. Let’s take a look at a Sunset singing in the rain.


    So I have no idea if this counts as something canon that happened during the music festival, but the fact that Sunset was just able to walk on stage, pick up a guitar that probably belongs to someone and start playing is pretty cool. Unless she booked a spot due to the original performers not wanting to be out in the rain, that would make a lot of sense. Also the lighting here is amazingly done and the shadows adds a nice gloom to everything before she starts playing. 


    It’s nice that there were still some people passing by since a lot of these festivals take place during non-rainy weather. Everybody would more or less be in their tents or campers waiting it out. But some can stroll around in rain if it was too hot that day anyway. Nice to see some fan favorites like Wiz Kid and Curly Winds along with an even bigger fan favorite Wallflower Blush. Glad she’s here to show some support to the one who supported her in her darkest mood, too.


    “Everything feels like it’s just too much, but you gotta let it in even if it’s tough.”

    And it was at that moment, Sunset knew she would be a lightning bender. Ok jokes aside, great effects and strangely enough this does remind me of Avatar The Last Airbender. (If you haven’t seen it yet, do so. Highly recommended). There was a character that was learning how to use lightning by forcing it, but the best advice was to let it flow through you. Very similar to what Sunset’s lyrics were for this scene with letting things happen even if it’s not what you planned. A stretch, but when am I ever gonna make references to other random cartoons?


    I told you we would get a power slide in this somehow. At least the rain is helping it out a bit. So while I listened to this again after so long, I remembered one of my favorite episodes of the show “Sounds of Silence” from season 8 where the kirin thought it was better not to feel anything at all to save themselves from feeling the negative emotions like anger and hate. Autumn Blaze also made a reference to the rain in her song “A Kirin’s Tale” and is pretty much the same message for Sunset’s song.

    “Rainbows won’t light up the sky, unless you let it rain. 

    And candles cannot glow unless they’re burned.”

    It’s not unusual to use this metaphor for looking forward the better things after the storm, but it’s best to embrace those emotions and tough times to get through them even stronger.


    “Don’t be afraid of walls coming down. Sometimes you’ll hurt so figure it out.”

    A little on the blunt and vague side with just figuring it out, but sometimes that’s needed. Dwelling one what’s already done won’t help so push through it to the end. I also love this rainbow effect on the water dripping down. SO MUCH SYMBOLISM!!!


    I think love this shot the most. If there’s any character or antagonist that had a hard time letting things go and pushing for hope on the other side of grey clouds, it’s Wallflower Blush. I probably wasn’t the nicest about her character when I wrote about Forgotten Friendship, but it does give me a little joy when I see her around other people smiling and enjoying herself. Maybe because she didn’t think she would have friends or it would just be a quick thing to wrap up her story, but I don’t think I remember seeing her alone that much afterwards. And it helps when you have Derpy as one of those friends. At this point I think Derpy is just as much a friend to everyone as Pinkie Pie.

    Yeah I couldn’t leave these guys out either. Not just the security guard that’s probably not supposed to let random people up on the stage, but also Lyra and Bon Bon since they fall under a demographic that has to push through and prevail and know that things will get better. Also, kind of surprised that kitten is fine being in the rain, but this is a message song so not much slapstick should be in this.

    Under any circumstances will we explain how Sunset was able to conjure up a magical drying spell when singing. It’s a music video and does not fall under any form of logic in this spin off show about girls turning into pony hybrids with superpowers. Well I guess things do get better when you can sing everyone’s clothes and hair dry. And again, some of these people don’t go to Sunset’s school so the fact that they’re fine with just random magic happening is also something to not be questioned. 


    They’re really pulling at my heart with these shots here. Love and friendship is all in this shot and it’s just killing me with sweetness. 

    And that was Let It Rain, a great message song with some much needed cameos to gush over and lyrics that hit the heart in just the right way. This is probably one of my favorite songs from EqG and it really shows in the video how they wanted this song to feel impactful. A song about things getting better and understanding that things might not go the way you want them, but to still look towards the sunshine. And all this sung from a character whose whole arc was things not going according to her plan and pushing through to better things and becoming a better person in the process. If this came from any other character, I don’t think it would’ve worked, but when it’s Sunset Shimmer, a not so good villain turned best character in after Rainbow Rocks, it makes so much more sense. Add in some great visuals and amazing vocals and you got an earworm that you don’t want to get rid of. I’m Penny Wrights and maybe I’ll take a stroll in the rain, too. But only because I need to get things from the store. I get sick too easily.