• Equestria Girls Five Line You Need To Stand In Follow Up


    Leave it to Pinkie Pie to find joy even while standing in lines. I guess this is still on character with the short A Fine Line since the moral was basically call your friends so you’re not bored waiting in line. But this time it’s a Pinkie video about the best lines to stand in, which should be zero, but who knows. She might convince me…maybe. If I were to give this a moral, it would probably be to appreciate the little things you deal with like standing in line for something. It can be just as rewarding as getting to the end of the line. Either that or bring plenty of rechargeable batteries for handheld video games and cellphones. All line and no end makes Penny a bored girl after all. Let’s check out some lines and hopefully see where they lead to. 

    Ok does anybody other than Sunset actually go to music festivals for the music and not these  other random things? Rarity was into the fashion and now Pinkie is into just waiting in lines. The optimism for this girl is through the roof. And yes, I had to get a couple shots of “blink and you’ll miss it” moments. We got Sunset and Flash Sentry still…talking as “friends”, our canon couple Lyra and Bon Bon getting mini heart attacks from their classmate, and hello to a fan favorite Maud Pie. I wonder if she traveled with the Humane 7, but we didn’t see her the whole time during Sunset’s Backstage Pass. So that might mean she had her own group of friends that she traveled with and Pinkie…is completely unaware her sister is behind her. Hmm…maybe this Maud found her a fan of sticks, too. We can only hope…we don’t meet him in person. 

    I would love to think that since a lot of the people in this shot go to Pinkie Pie’s school, they really thought they would be away from her loud, hyperactive personality with a party cannon to match. Sorry guys, you thought wrong. Just having them all look so shocked as if they’re thinking “oh goodness she’s here, too?!? Make it stop! No more confetti and glitter!”


    So thinking about it, the security guard would be the best person to make friends with in this case. Pinkie brings up the fact that at the security line to get in, they get to check out all the cool stuff in your bag and maybe strike up a conversation. In my head, make friends with security guards and maybe, just maybe, they can get you into interesting “behind the scene” locations or let you meet one of the bands. What this security guard learned is never question a girl with full blown balloons in her purse. As the proverb states:

    “It’s Pinkie Pie. Don’t question it.”

                                    -Josh “Firebrand” Scorcher


    Pinkie: “Principal Celestia? Did you use the mirror lake to clone yourself, too?”

    Ok seriously. Who else has this hair color, skin color, eye color, and eye shape in this world? Anyway, next line would be the nacho line, which Pinkie says she waited two hours to go through. See, I would’ve eaten the person in front of me if I had to wait that long for food. But I can see the point in using that time to decide what you want on your nachos. Having a line go that fast and you don’t even know what you want yet is prime anxiety causing. Knowing Pinkie Pie who’s all about the good food (note I said good food, not healthy food), I’m sure she ordered some great nachos.


    I take it back. I take it all back. No. No no no! This is not how you nacho! I can maybe understand broccoli and the potato (if it was peeled and cooked and not sprouting) but what have you come up with Pinkie? There’s watermelon and an acorn and…chocolate chip cookies? And yet the Pinkie Pie in the pony world couldn’t handle some bad muffins from Sugar Belle? And shame on that stand owner who took “I want everything” too seriously. Dig further into that mess and you might find the kitchen sink.


    Photobooth line. Not a bad option for line choices. And better yet, you can practice your posing with a few selfies. Unfortunately for Watermelody, she had to have a selfie with someone whose taste in nachos is…questionable. Either that or how badly that watermelon slice is drowning in nacho cheese is making her sick. 


    Taking a chance at a mystery line. Well I won’t say it’s crazy, but it does sound exciting. Maybe to a secret booth that’s not shown or mentioned on the map? Maybe a meeting spot to see the bands practicing?


    Maybe I need to shut my mouth and not jump to conclusions. Or better yet, I’ll assume that this is a secret spot to do…things that no child should know about or care about at this time. Just remember to eat a mint afterwards and not ask about any skunk smells that might be lingering.


    And last, but not least, the bathroom line. Well, I guess you can say it’s practical and a line you’ll probably be in a lot. Ok Pinkie you got me to agree on a good line to stand in. Well…maybe not a good line, but a line that will be useful. Except having a line for it is not really a good thing if you have to go really badly. Ok I’m stuck and my head hurts. 


    From bathroom line to conga line, Pinkie really knows how to distract and bring the fun. It’s a really good thing about her character and just how fun she can make the mundane into. And can I also say this, Lyra you got some great upper body strength to not be dangling off of Bulk Biceps given how tall he is. And it’s always nice to see some other fan favorites like Snips and Snails, Frosty Orange, Aqua Blossom, and Fleur de Lis…

    And Trixie too, I guess.


    Yeah I’d probably have this same expression on my face if someone showered me with confetti after using the bathroom. But I don’t deny that kind of being pleasant in it’s own way. You did a thing and someone said congratulations for it. That’s just super nice and pleasant to know. I can only imagine having a friend or even parents like this who would praise you for just about anything and everything you did. 

    And that was Five Lines You Need to Stand In, a very entertaining short about the wonders of standing in lines that might actually be useful in its own way. Getting friendly with the security guard is more practical than I would’ve thought, even if Pinkie just wanted more friends, food lines are hard if you’re really hungry, and the bathroom line confused me for either being useful or useless. I guess this would be different than A Fine Line where it was just Sunset by herself for a while waiting for a video game. At least here, Pinkie makes friends with anybody and everybody so she would never be bored. Depending on my mood or how badly my feet are hurting from standing, I would find it charming and a breath of fresh air.  Any other time, I’d probably give up on the lineup. I’m Penny Wrights, and I’d rather skip the lines for food and just order from the comfort of my bed.