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    • Why Twilight is Meant to be Celestia and Luna's Sucessor!
    • Why LGBTQ Representation in MLP (And TV in General) is Normal
    • The Grogar Twist
    • Luna’s Full Moon Forms - Part 1

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    Luna’s Full Moon Forms - Part 1

    I love Luna, and because I do, I like to see all the ways in which talented and imaginative artists can make her look even more amazing than she already is. Don’t get me wrong- I adore her default form. Luna is already gorgeous. But there is nothing wrong with imagining that just as the moon has its many forms and phases- so does our dear guardian of the night.

    So, here’s a bit of an astronomy lesson for you guys. Each month of a calendar year has one full moon; these moons have names and unique energy attached to them. Once every two to three years we will have 13 moons rather than 12, this is what we know as the blue moon. I imagine that this moon is Luna’s default form…because she’s blue. Duh. But now what about the other monthly full moons?

    Leaving Equestrian months, “moons”, and calendar day equations aside (because we all know how confusing going down that rabbit hole can be, if all the analysis community tackling it has proved anything), let’s just look at these moons according to our own Earth understanding of them. I’ll be starting with the first 4, otherwise this could get pretty long for a soapbox.

    In January, there’s what’s called a Wolf Moon. I can already see a bit of canonical tie in with Luna on this one, as in the book “Ponyville Mysteries: Peryton Panic”, is is revealed that the Everfree beasts known as Timberwolves were actually created by Luna (and Celestia) in order to protect Nightmare Moon’s Helm Of Shadows. It would be interesting to note if lycanism upon the Wolf Moon was a normal occurrence for Luna, especially if “Ponyville Mysteries: Tail of the Timberwolf” proves that such a spell has had long since existed to turn ponies j to Timberwolves. Dare I ask who might’ve inspired or penned such a spell? Perhaps one who might’ve witnessed Luna’s own effects of Lycan transformation beneath the Wolf moon? Or witnessed her creating the Timberwolves of the Everfree? Perhaps even Luna herself…

    Moving on to February’s full moon, which is known as the Ice moon. I cannot recall an artist ever depicting Luna with having an Ice form before, but I imagine that it would look quite breathtaking. Allowing the moon Princess to have such a form wouldn’t be as far fetched as one might naturally assume, either. In fact, there exists a dark, basaltic plain on the moon that is even called “Mare Frigoris” (Sea of Cold) in the northern part of the moon.

    With March comes a full moon known as the Storm Moon. While our own moon (and presumably Equestria’s moon as well) lacks a weather system like we see on Earth, it does have its own type of storm. Basically, this is seen occurring with Lunar dust (from lunar rock). What happens is That electrostatic changes cause lunar storms directly on the lunar terminator that levitate lunar dust into the otherwise static exosphere of the Moon and result in 'glowing dust fountains'. This could be an exceptionally beautiful form for Luna in the wake of a Storm Moon. I would imagine her taking on an almost ethereal “Sandman” type of visage (fittingly so), as lunar dust perhaps collects in her fur and seems to illuminate it, or in her hair to produce the effect of a massive, slow churning sand stream akin to the Sandman’s own (perhaps like that in Rise of the Guardians).

    April’s full moon is called a Growing Moon, and just as our aspirations grow with spring flowers and longer days, so too could Luna’s form under this moon. Traditional unicorn fetlocks could be in full display, along with perhaps a more Druid feel to her, as her mane and tail bear Star flower blossoms or “Blue Moon Roses “. Also, too, with this form, she could take on a more owl-like appearance that could tie into Stolas, a hell creature that has close association to botany and astrology (both of which cycle back into the Growing Moon). 

    The Grogar Twist
    By Comet

    Discord pretended to be Grogar the whole time in the final season which made a lot of people mad. I get why people are mad about it. But that doesn’t serve the right to send threats to the staff.

    I honestly had a small feeling that Discord was Grogar because of the eye colors they both shared. In the season 9 premiere, when the mane six and Discord were heading to the throne room, Discord looks down really quick, feeling a bit sad and disappointed in them for relying on him. Sometimes scenes would pan over from Discord to Grogar or the other way around when one of them leaves the scene and shows the other in a different scene, and when Discord said in The Summer Sun Setback, “You know, it really does seem like you just might be ready for whatever comes next, your Majesty.”

    When the Legion of Doom said that they are going to backstab Grogar in Frenemies, I told myself, “Oh ok. Don’t get my hopes high up then since they’re going to backstab him.” There wasn’t even any build up for him throughout the entire season. Tirek, Chrysalis, and Cozy Glow were the ones being focused on and not him.

    Let’s say that Discord wasn’t Grogar, ok? What purpose would Grogar have? Tell me. Because Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow planned on backstabbing him, regardless if he was real or fake. There was no way the real Grogar was going to fight the mane six without his magic with The Legion of Doom having it. What would he do then? Maybe somehow warn the mane six? Even if he did warn them, do you think they would trust him knowing that he’s Grogar? Maybe? But they won’t trust him completely since he’s a villain who once ruled over Equestria and created the foulest of creatures.

    You know, I’ve noticed no one ever complained about the trio backstabbing Grogar. But when it came to the twist, people kept complaining and saying, “We should’ve had the real Grogar instead and have him fight the mane six.” Why? Like I said, if it was the real Grogar, he wasn’t going to have a chance to battle the mane six. It’s been talked about since Frenemies that they would use the bell against him. I don’t know how did people still had high expectations of this.

    I’m honestly glad that it wasn’t the real Grogar because there was no build up to his character. You see, I’ve watched a bunch of shows where the villain is introduced early in the season or show and are given more build up and background to their characters. This helps to show why they are important before fighting the main character. Grogar... we got little background of him.

    Look I know Grogar is from G1. But just like Tirek, G4 Grogar is different from G1. And that’s not going to make me hype up just because it’s a G1 character. I would need more than that to get me excited.

    I know how many of you are upset about it, but you can’t keep getting mad about not having Grogar. People also need to stop hating Discord because of what he did as well. It’s literally his name. Discord means chaos. He made a stupid decision to help Twilight be more confident in his way. When you look back, Celestia also did things to help Twilight and her friends learn a lesson. Such as giving Twilight two tickets on purpose and face a dragon all by themselves. Discord is neither a hero or a villain. It’s not healthy to keep complaining over a kids cartoon that happened 2 years ago.

    P.S. If you’re going to talk about my topic, even the ones who didn’t like the twist, please be civil and mature about this. Especially to others.


    Why LGBTQ Representation in MLP (And TV in General) is Normal
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So I have seen from time to time people complaining about LGBTQ representation in MLP and media in general, saying things like it’s too explicit or it’s harming the kids, even thought it’s not. In fact quite the opposite and is very normal and should be accepted since I think it’s better to expose children to it if they come across it in real life. Also since it is Pride Month, (At the time of writing this) this is the perfect time to talk about this.

    Now since this is an MLP site, I will focus on MLP’s LGBTQ representation. And well I find it quite baffling how some fans can learn love and tolerance and yet some of those people don’t like the LGBTQ representation and I have even seen a few who have been quite homophobic about it.

    From Friendship is Magic, we have two confirmed lesbian couples, with Holiday and Lofty, as well as Lyra and Bon Bon and well… Were they really worth complaining about? It’s not like they have a sign with a big arrow pointing at them saying… “Oh look, they’re lesbians!” Instead, such couples were treated like normal without the need to address it directly. I mean it’s as simple as that, instead of a mare and a stallion, it’s two mares or two stallions together, that’s it!

    And yet people don’t seem to complain a lot about normal straight couples in the show, at least in the same way as a gay or lesbian couple, along the more popular ones being Cadance and Shining Armor, Bright Mac and Pear Butter, and Big Mac and Sugar Belle. Which I will remind you… Those couples had their actual weddings shown and even straight up kisses between the couples. We never got to see Holiday and Lofty’s wedding and we only saw Lyra and Bon Bon’s wedding in the newspaper in the Last Problem and that’s only a small image, it was a “You can miss it if you aren’t looking for it” kind of image too!

    And to be honest… I kinda of wish MLP did a little more with their LGBTQ representation, maybe a whole episode dedicated to that or feature a stallion couple to show it’s not just the mares, I’m sure there are also gay couples too in Equestria. Other cartoons like She-Ra or The Dragon Prince have also done their share of gay and lesbian couples, like MLP, and just like MLP, they generally treat it as normal and even acceptable without the need to make it explicit or hang a big sign over it. Again, it just shows that it’s completely normal, unlike in real life where straight people just love to treat it as like a mental health issue or a sin against God…

    And like I love to do, I want to end this on a positive note! Even thought I myself am a straight person, I do support the LGBTQ community and I wish more media would show more of it in a positive light. I also wish that people will treat the community as normal and don’t look down on them for their preferences in partners or how they look. And finally to anyone who does identify as part of the LGBTQ community, keep being you, don’t let anyone tell you to change, and keep your head up!


    Why Twilight is Meant to be Celestia and Luna's Sucessor!
    By Alexrioponylover95

    Hello everycreature!

    So there has been some complaining about Twilight being the ruler of all Equestria, that she wasn’t meant to become the next ruler after Celestia and Luna and that the royal sisters shouldn’t have retired at all. (And I think you all know who I have in mind specifically…)

    And well of course I highly disagree with this and here’s why…

    So from the very start Lauren Faust’s vision was to have Twilight end up being Celestia’s successor, to take the throne of Equestria and of course, in the very end, that happened, with Twilight taking the throne and becoming the ruler of all Equestria. Now some say that Faust’s vision is outdated and Twilight shouldn’t have become leader because Faust has left the show long ago. And that just makes no sense at all…

    So what if the vision is outdated and Faust left? What does that change?

    And seriously… How else would the show have ended? Twilight is the number one main character, the show’s literally centered around her and her growth throughout the seasons. It would have been very out of place and in fact terrible had all that progress meant nothing in the end.

    And yeah, one of the arguments against Twilight being the ruler of all Equestria was that she was forced to do so and she didn’t want it… And again… That’s just nonsense! I mean the evidence against this is literally in the dialogue!

    Celestia said this in The Beginning of the End: “We can't think of anypony more worthy. Over the years, we've watched you grow. You've faced task after task…”

    Celestia didn’t force Twilight! She simply made the strong suggestion that Twilight should be the one to take the throne! Twilight could have easily said “No”, but again… How else would the show have ended? And Celestia gave the time to Twilight to adjust and prepare, although not at first, but did decide to slow the pace.

    And yeah Twilight was very scared and nervous to take on this new role, but that’s completely normal, anyone else would feel the same way Twilight felt if they were thrust into such a responsibility. However again, she was given the time to prepare and well, even before being chosen to be Equestria’s ruler, like Celestia and Luna said, everything Twilight and her friends did was preparation enough, with Twilight and her friends having beat every threat to Equestria and protecting the land and spreading friendship.  

    Now I will say… Just like before with my soapboxes on those that need to quit whining about Season 9 and 10… Twilight being the ruler of all Equestria has already been done and will not change! If you don’t like it, there’s something called fanfiction! Go write your own alternate version of events and stop complaining, because nothing you say will change what has already been done!