• TrotCon Opens Registration & Applications for '21 & '22 Events, Reveals Themes

    TrotCon is shooting for a December event and rooms are now bookable. They are also prepping for 2022, so it's time to get back into convention gear when this pandemic hopefully finishes winding down in the states.

    Joining that is some info on Trotcon Online this July, and various other tidbits of news. Get the infos below!

    TrotCon Opens Registration & Applications for '21 & '22 Events, Reveals Themes

    Strap in, because we've got a couple of TrotCon-related announcements for you!

    First, we're excited to reveal that the hotel block for TrotCon 2021 -- happening this December -- is now live. You can snag your $106-a-night room by visiting this link or by calling the Crowne Plaza Columbus North directly at 614-885-1885. A reminder that we will have a separate block for approved vendors and will open the hotel block for our July 2022 event later this year.

    Today's also a big day for you if you enjoy following along with the themes we've been having at each TrotCon since nearly the beginning. Our July 2022 con will still be the circus theme we've been wanting to do since 2020 at this point (lololol), but as for our July 2021 online event and the in-person December 2021 con, read below!

    For July 2021, the third edition of TrotCon Online will feature the theme of RPG Adventure. Big fan of role-playing games? You're gonna love this one. Choose between the factions of orb slime vs. cube slime and get ready to hang with your closest horses virtually. We're still ironing out the exact day or days of this one, but expect it to be the weekend of July 16-18. This is a FREE event, but you'll be able to purchase sponsor boxes if you'd like to support TrotCon.

    Oh, and vendor, musician and panel apps? They're live! Click here for more.

    In December 2021, meanwhile, our return to IRL events has the theme of none other than Pirate Adventure. Sail the seven seas as part of either The Cinnamon Chaos (Team Cider) or The Marshmallow Mayhem (Team Cocoa) and take part in a reunion for the ages (I mean, it's been since summer 2019 that we saw you all in person!) before our big shindig next year.

    Just like TrotCon Online, our apps -- vendors, panels and musicians -- are now live here, and you can also get going on badge registration by clicking here. In fact, we recommend it; the three-day pass for Dec. 17-19 will be $35 only through the end of May, followed by $45 from June 1-July 30 and then $55 until Nov. 21. You'll then have to purchase badges at the door, with single-day passes available then as well.

    We'll be reopening July 2022 registration later this year, and as a reminder, the badge rollover/refund from 2020/2021 for either December 2021 or July 2022 is available only through May 15, so don't miss out (click here!); otherwise, your badge will be automatically rolled over to July 2022 and normal refund rules will apply.

    That's all for today! Any questions, shoot us a DM on the usual channels or email at info@trotcon.net.