• Shining Armor & Princess Cadance Music: Quicksilver - Ever After [Pop Punk]

    Quicksilver is back everypony!! From "hibernation" he says! Like the first rays of sunshine melting the snow after winter, the rocking guitars and vocals of this song are sweeping away all self-doubts to spread a message of love warming the heart! Check out those lyrics that are so wonderful about Shining Armor's story and feelings towards Cadance! And to those who don't have a marefriend/coltfriend like me, remember that you can also feel that way toward a friend, and I can tell from experience that it exists if you manage to find the right person and it can be just as powerful as romantic love if not more! (If I can't open your mind, maybe this will!) No matter how you may be able to relate to this song or not, I hope you will appreciate Quicksilver's tribute to the duo as much as I do!! Fan works like these are one of the things I appreciate the most in our community!!