• Luster Dawn Music! Sound Bandit - Pink Horse 2 (feat. Bagel, Foozogz, Jay & Snowy Charm) [Hyperpop]

    Sound Bandit & Friends made a sequel to the first endeavor hinting at Luster chara depth, and here you've got all the relatable lyrics adding to her personality, as well as very fun ones too! Yes, even Foozogz contributed! And the lovely Hyperpop instrumental by Sound Bandit features many cute sounds and melodies! Definitely a happy trip into a comfy atmosphere filled with Friendship and ponies! Excerpt from the lyrics: "Princess be asking me bask in some sun rays but I know she a hypocrite"!! That is just so hilarious! Also "World of Horses"? "Super Stomp Sisters Ultimate"? I can't get enough of those tasteful ponifications!! Go give it up for everypony who worked on this, and tell them how much you appreciate these lovely pony songs and collabs!