• Full Album Dedicated To The Princesses: Glimm - PRINCESSES

    The long-awaited "PRINCESSES" album from Glimm is finally complete and out on Bandcamp!! Such amazing tributes to all the princesses of the show is a real feast for the ears and the soul, with each tribute sending out its own magic and sending love to one of the prncesses. The opener track MAGIC! is themed around all of the princesses, "because they have nothing more but pure MAGIC!" as Glimm said! Isn't that just so lovely? MAGIC! and ENLIGHTEN about Tia are the 2 brand new tracks unveiled today along the release of the album, the rest of the tracks have been uploaded on YouTube before and posted here. Along the two new tributes to savor, you can now get the whole experience in lossless audio quality! Go send lots of love to Glimm for such amazing fan works!

    Download the album from Bandcamp here, and check out the YouTube video of the full album here!