• Equestria Girls Festival Looks Follow Up


    Well I can’t hold out for too long with wanting to write about these so how about a little teaser of what’s to come soon. For this short we get some fashion advice when going to a music festival. Haven’t been to one? Well…yeah a lot of people haven’t lately, but it doesn’t mean you can be prepared. And it’s not just with Rarity, but everyone getting ready. I can’t really give the short a moral since it’s pretty much all useful information…well, for some it’s useful. Maybe not always take Pinkie Pie’s advice. Let’s see how the girls get ready for a festival in their unnamed video sharing recording.


    So we’re already starting with Rarity’s computer (and no this won’t be like Unfriended, I promise). And I think it’s kind of interesting to see that a fashionista like Rarity would have Bulk Biceps and Micro Chips on her list. It could just be the full school database, but how it appears to be possibly her top used contacts is interesting. She also has her sister Sweetie Belle there and at a decent level after the Humane 6 only because she probably lives with her sister and wouldn’t need to video chat as much. Nice to see she still keeps in touch with Vignette Valencia after Rollercoaster of Friendship. Nice little dose of continuity. Please don’t tell Silver Quill.


    So in a standard blog style, Rarity of course loves the music festival not just for the music, but for the fashion. I can’t help but to agree. Just looking at pictures of people at music festivals with a mix of bohemian, punk, new age, or electric (depending on the genre), it’s always a good mix of fun and originality. Speaking of originality, don’t think I missed the picture of a very familiar purple and yellow trimmed dress. And this short also gives us some good outfits for the characters. Rarity is kind of going for a glam pop look with this fur coat and plenty of sequins to blind someone. Kind of circus looking since it looks like a leotard but still cute.


    Ok yes to everything about Applejack’s outfit. The funky glasses, the bejeweled hat and the light white dress with the denim jacket suits her glam country style. Also pretty good advice on having a sturdy pair of boots in case of stepping in…things. The pig looked a bit concerned about that certain thing to be cautious of, but I’m sure it’s nothing bad.


    While the earthy style is great and Fluttershy makes a good use of flowers for that flower crown, maybe not use live animals like bird nests. Something tells me it might be a bit messy later on. This top is probably not my favorite, but I like it on Fluttershy at least for this light blue color that kinda works for her. We usually see a lot of green in her wardrobe so this kind of brightens things up for her. And again, not too fond of using live animals as accessories, but I think she can make it work being a Disney Princess and all. One song and they’ll be doing her dishes and laundry.


    If you didn’t think Rainbow Dash wouldn’t be wearing rainbow colors, I have no idea how you got to this follow up. Where did you come from? Anyway, also really good advice from Rainbow Dash about having clothes to move in. With it being a music festival, dancing is always an option so always be ready to be moving and grooving. And a sun visor is always a good item to have for those extreme heat moments.


    Sunset: “Can’t go wrong with a classic.”

    Sunset…you “classic” before was nude…with four hooves…and a horn. But I still have a soft spot for her glam punk wardrobe so it’s fine. Glittery high waist pants, large belt buckle, and signature leather jacket is always good for Sunset. And the darker purple and orange works well for her bright red and yellow hair.


    Well can’t say Pinkie Pie isn’t classic with her party cannon of confetti. I just love Rarity’s face here wondering “should I be concerned she just set off an explosive in her bedroom?” Glad to see Gummy is taking everything in stride with her owner. Truly a noble pet to have in your life. And I do like Pinkie’s style here. Very frilly with the different colored layers. The look kind of reminds me of the wardrobe from Rainbow Rocks with the final showdown. Might be the mismatched stockings. How do people find these?


    We also find out that Pinkie Pie wanted to explode party cannons at long distance since one goes off in Rarity’s room. I have not a clue how to explain that. Pinkie doesn’t look like she pressed anything to set it off. The explosion happened after her cannon went off. And Rarity didn’t look like she planned for a rain of confetti to happen on her recording. I have so many concerns, but with it being Pinkie Pie, I question nothing.


    Twilight has probably the best and worse advice here. I can agree to keeping a small bag with essentials on hand. Water bottle, flashlight for night performances, earplugs incase things get too loud. The compass for getting loss is somewhat decent, but for a lot of music festivals, the venues would have a map of where to park and food places. With some music festivals, they do have a lot of wooded areas around. But you know what else would be around you if you’re in the woods? A cellphone for a digital compass or to call for help. As long as it’s charged, of course. Portable chargers. Huge life savers. A compass for drawing circles. Not really a life saver. 


    And this was a good wrap up. Regardless of what you wear, always be yourself. It’s a nice sentiment since whether it’s a music festival, a concert, or a convention hall talking about pastel-colored ponies, you can always meet new people and be yourself around. There’s nothing like the energy you get from being at a cool environment like that.

    And that was Festival Looks, a very informative and fun look at the styles and substance that makes up getting ready to party. This was a fun one to watch and if you need to get a look at the types of personalities here, it’s a good opener to EqG. Loving the designs of the wardrobe and I don’t deny wanting to put together Applejack and Sunset’s looks just for the fun of it. Some advice you can use and some you can call shenanigans on, but still a really interesting and creative way of doing a video blog to talk about something like this. I’m Penny Wrights and I’m gonna watch prerecorded concerts until I can feel the mosh pit.