• EQG Song Remix: Daniel Ingram - Unleash The Magic (The Empty Tomb Remix) [Dubstep/Drum & Bass]

    If you happen to have played/replayed American McGee's Alice or its sequel Alice Madness Returns recently, you will be in the perfect mood for this remix by The Empty Tomb, that is brimming with delightful dark vibes!! From the mad choirs at 0:16, to dry and black drums, to the scream that you can hear at the drop, this amazing remix is so appreciated as it encompasses the subtle darkness from the original EQG Friendship Games song all while adding so much more and creating such an incredible atmosphere! And it has even more surprises for you, with that genre switch surprising us at the second drop!!
    Now I need an EQG-ification of Alice as Sci-Twi, or the other way around! Just imagine Sci-Twi wielding the Vorpal Blade while approaching Principal Cinch..!