• Dark Alicorn Immortality Music: Deavas - Goddess [Progressive Metal]

    Just in time for Walpurgis Night (we need a pony equivalent of it), Deavas made this amazing dark gem in pure delightful Prog Metal style! I did not expect those guitars and they were such an awesome surprise! The pony vocals made with the help of pony voice generator 15.ai are telling a dark story fitting for the sacred celebration, and you will see that for yourself if you read the lyrics! Pony sacrifices in Equestria in order to maintain one's immortality, oh my god, such a PERFECT theme for Walpurgis Night, the day where the powers of darkness are tenfold and many witches are holding sabbaths and summoning some evil force or god in front of an Altar of Black! That's right, I was a member of that circle... I'm only the pony who knows what really happened on the Night of Walpulgis twelve years ago... We are all crazy. Ever since we read the book!

    (Dark lyrics warning)