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    • Two Twilights With Two Different Love Interests
    • The Potential of the Pop Mart Series Ponies
    • Why "The Star 5" is a Good Name For the G5 Mane Cast
    • The problem with the artifacts in EqG

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    Two Twilights With Two Different Love Interests
    By Comet

    As we all know, Twilight has a crush on Flash Sentry. While Sci-Twi has a crush on Timber Spruce. Why do they have different love interests instead of the same person? Well, I have a theory on why. I wanted to explore of why these two Twilights have different crushes instead of just saying “They are two Twilights. They aren’t the same characters” and call it a day. I believe there’s more to it than that.

    Twilight had just became a princess and was originally an antisocial pony who just wanted to study and thought making friends was a waste of time before moving to Ponyville. With her out of her comfort zone and being more sociable makes it a different experience. The movie took place less than a year after the first episode. As Celestia mentioned in the season 4 premiere that it is the first Summer Sun Celebration with Luna in it and instead of celebrating the defeat of Nightmare Moon, it’s the return of Luna. With this, we know that this is recent enough to be out of a comfort zone and develop feelings (not just love feelings mind you).

    Which is why when Twilight met Flash, she couldn’t help but really like the guy when they bumped into each other again at the cafe and accidentally touched each other’s hands. Especially when she was asked if she wanted to go to the dance with him. Twilight didn’t interact much with guys in the first 3 seasons. I don’t count family members because she’s more comfortable around them than having an actual interaction with a guy.

    The same goes with Sci-Twi. She was antisocial and wanted to study. The only difference is that she’s a door mat in the human world. She is like that because she didn’t live in a world with magic. With Twilight living in a world with magic, she was shown to be a bit rude in the pilot. Sci-Twi was shy and awkward with people.

    When she first met Flash, she was only focused on her goal and not wanting to interact with others. To say it this way, different time, different personality. For example, Avengers: Endgame with Starlord and past Gamora. He knew her while she didn’t. That’s the best way I can describe the situation.

    After she was more opened up to others, she met Timber Spruce and developed a crush on him. She didn’t know why her pony counterpart had a crush on Flash, as she only saw him as a friend. With Timber, she felt something in her as they kept talking throughout the 4th movie. This also helped her lose focus on Midnight Sparkle and enjoyed being around with him.

    As someone who was once antisocial, I actually had this experience before. I wouldn’t develop a crush until sometime after I gotten out of my comfort zone. Though it wasn’t a love at first sight. It was someone who I’ve seen, but didn’t pay attention to due to focusing on my studies. That’s how I’ve always saw the case for these two Twilights.

    I never hated Flash and Timber when they first made their appearance. In fact, I already talked about Flash in my first soapbox. I can see why people don’t like Timber since he’s pretty much a Brad 2.0 and they could’ve fix Flash’s character instead. And yeah I agree. But I wouldn’t hate the guy for that. These Twilights have their own love interests.

    One won’t see the same angle like the other. Like I said, Sci-Twi just sees Flash as a friend. If Twilight were to meet Timber, she would be really confused and feel uncomfortable around him if he were to talk like the way he does with Sci-Twi. While Sci-Twi is dating Timber Spruce, Twilight can still see Flash from her world since we’ve never seen pony Timber. Hopefully we can see those two interact in the comics and give the pony Flash some character development.

    This is Comet here and have a nice day!


    The Potential of the Pop Mart Series Ponies
    By: Mana Minori

    Now that I have received my full set of Pop Mart “Natural Series” ponies, and absolutely loving them, I honestly have to admit- I’m thirsty for more. The ponies in this blood box figure set are adorable and so well made- they’re virtually flawless. And while I’m not too fond of the blind box gimmick, or the fact that the mane 6 (and Celestia) once again have the spotlight, as so much of g4 has allowed them, with little to no room for any other character to get toys or figures made of them, this is but a nitpick that can easily be alleviated by throwing money at customs, even if they’re not officially licensed merchandise.

    Now, I sincerely hope that although g4 has run its course, that Pop Mart continues to roll out a second wave of blind box ponies- whether they’re in the “natural series” or something else the second go-round. I would absolutely LOVE to see at least two figures of Princess Luna (NOT as a chase figure, as her sister was), preferably two Spike’s, Sunset Shimmer, Mayor Mare, Star Dreams, Sunburst, Twinkleshine, Nightglider, two Inky Rose’s, and a chase Moondancer figure.

    While I can already hear the desperate and vehement cries of the Trixie and Starlight Glimmer fans (along with Zecora, Cadance, Apple Blood, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, Shining Armor, Big McIntosh, Discord), I think that plenty of their toys and figures have already been made already. I would adore seeing much more freedoms taken in pony variety from the massive pool of characters that g4 has at their disposal, like back in 2010-2011.  I’m quite sure that these ponies and characters also have their share of fans who would more than readily dish out good money for them. 

    Why "The Star 5" is a Good Name For the G5 Mane Cast
    By: QuirkyCapricorn

    Given that the last two generations of pony had monikers for the main cast (the Core 7 for G3 and the Mane 6 for G4), it seems only natural that fans would speculate on what to call the new cast for G5. While I have seen "the Mane 5" tossed around a bit to connect it to G4, I personally thought of a name that could work for the G5 cast: the Star 5. And there are a few reasons why I consider this name to be a potential good fit for our new cast.

    For one thing, they're the five in the starring role of the show, having a similar vibe to the Mane 6 in that regard (even if in the case of "Mane 6" it's also a horse pun). Secondly, there's the name of the primary protagonist, Sunny Starscout. Referring to the group as the Star 5 further signifies how Starscout is the main leader of the bunch, much like how Twilight was in the pony generation before her. Third of all, there's five members in the group, and when a star is drawn it's commonly depicted with five points. Granted, there's the rumor going around that the movie's antagonist could become a new main character in the series proper, in which case this point wouldn't work out as much, but I'm just sticking with what we know so far.

    As an additional note, it also gives me vibes of the likes of Star Trek, and what little we know of G5 is reminding me in some ways of Star Trek: the Next Generation, which largely focused on its own cast while maintaining some connections to Star Trek before it—just like G5 seems to be doing in regards to G4.

    Might a better name for the new main characters come along that catches on more? Sure—I've seen some other options such as "Team 5" around that would be nice as well. But for all the reasons I listed above, I feel that "the Star 5" works as a fitting and dynamic name for our new cast of pony characters.


    The problem with the artifacts in EqG

    Admittedly, I've not one of the biggest fans of Equestria Girls. I've had a lot of problems with it over its run (although, I did like some elements from it), but there's been one thing that's really bugged me. Throughout the movies and specials, we've seen artifacts end up in the human world. They've been hidden away due to how dangerous they are as a threat to Equestria. However, here's my problem with these artifacts ending up in the human world.

    Why didn't they just destroy them instead?

    Think about it, if these artifacts pose that much of a threat against Equestria, then why not just destroy them? It's not like these things are impossible to destroy. The Memory Stone? Take a hammer and chisel to it, and it'll be broken in no time. The Time Twirler? Just stomp on it as Sunset did.

    I think the ponies who went into this world must have run into other humans at some point and realize the potential danger these artifacts carry on that world should someone know how to use it. It opens potential problems for one person to use such an artifact to ruin the human world. If they find a way to Equestria, they can wreak havoc there again with it. If they didn't want to destroy the artifacts, then just give them to Celestia so she can hide them. I'm sure she's got some sort of place where these artifacts can be stored by "top men."

    I know some people may argue it's for the sake of the plot, and that it would mean no movie or special. I feel they could've included some reason these artifacts couldn't be destroyed by conventional means. If Sunset can simply stomp on the Time Twirler to destroy it, then surely they could've done the same with the others.