• Trotcon Shifting Convention to December Instead of July of This Year!

    Unfortunately covid isn't quite over despite vaccines rolling out pretty well here in the states. TrotCon has gone ahead and officially cancelled their July event, with hopes that things will be a bit smoother in December for a smaller in-person shindig, and the full on return in 2022.

    You can read their full press release below! The refund form is over here.

    An Update on TrotCon 2021 & 2022

    Folks, we’ve got good news and bad news.

    The good news is there’s going to be an IRL TrotCon in 2021. The bad? It won’t be in July.

    Despite encouraging numbers across the world regarding COVID-19 vaccinations and the slow-but-steady reopening of business and gatherings both within Ohio and outside it, the core staff of TrotCon doesn’t feel we’d be able to put on the right show for our attendees over our original dates this July. 

    After consulting with local authorities as well as our venue, it became clear that we would run the risk not only of having to turn away prospective attendees but would also be missing out on elements of our announced guest list due to continued travel restrictions.

    With all that in mind, we’re making the difficult (seriously, trust us, this has been roooough) decision to postpone what was originally going to be TrotCon 2020 now to TrotCon 2022 (y’know, the circus theme). We’re planning a July 15-17, 2022, convention, once again at the Crowne Plaza Columbus North in Columbus, Ohio.

    More on how you can snag badges for that in a second.

    Our original dates, July 16-18, 2021, will go online, much like we had to do in 2020. However, we don’t anticipate a three-day event like the last two times; it’ll be more of a mini event, with dates and more information announced soon. While this event will be free much like our other online cons, there will be sponsor badge options if you so choose.

    Wanna come see us in Columbus this year, though? Listen up, then: we’ll be having TrotCon 2021 after all, this time from Dec. 17-19, 2021, at the Crowne Plaza Columbus North.

    Not gonna beat around the bush here; this isn’t going to be as big of an event as what we’ve had planned for July for what’s coming up on two years now. We’re anticipating this to be a smaller convention than July 2022, with a different theme, a separate guest lineup, etc. We think it’s going to be a kickass time chock full of pent-up excitement from not getting to see one another in SO, so long, but it’s inherently going to be a separate event than what’s already been announced. If you attended TrotCon 2019, our guess is that it’ll be a little more in line with that. 

    Please note: we’ll be looking to make the December IRL convention as safe as possible for all of our attendees. This is likely to include a mask requirement when not socially distanced. This could change depending on the global situation as we get closer to the con itself, but please note that by choosing to attend this event you are required to follow all safety protocol TrotCon and the venue choose to put in place. This could include proof of vaccinations should local government require it for events of our size.

    The July 2022 event, meanwhile, will feature what we’re hoping to be our same already-announced lineup of VIP and community guests as we announced for 2020 and then 2021. Note, however, that it’s a fluid situation, so be sure to check our socials and website for the most recent changes.

    To recap: mini online event July 16-18, 2021; new IRL event Dec. 17-19, 2021; TrotCon 2022 July 15-17 of that year.

    All right, now the point in the announcement where you figure out what this means for your badge, your vendor application, so on and so forth.

    Already purchased a badge for TrotCon 2021? You have three options.

    1) Roll over your badge to TrotCon 2022. Think of it as lifting it up and putting it down in next year, no strings attached. This will mean you will need to purchase a badge for the December IRL event if you choose to attend.

    2) Roll over your badge to TrotCon 2021 this December. This will mean you will need to purchase a badge for TrotCon 2022 if you choose to attend.

    3) Request a refund of your TrotCon 2021 badge. You will then need to purchase a new badge if you plan on attending either the December 2021 or July 2022 events.

    The rollover/refund form is here. Any badges that aren’t touched before the deadline will be automatically rolled over to TrotCon 2022.

    Did you get into TrotCon 2021’s vendor hall? You’re set for either a spot in the December 2021 hall or the July 2022 hall, your choice; our vendor lead will be in touch soon by email with more details on how to choose (please note that when you choose which event to be part of, you’ll have to reapply for the other). If you haven’t been contacted yet regarding a spot or didn’t apply, we’ll be opening applications for both the December 2021 and July 2022 events soon. The July 2021 online event will also have separate applications.

    Musician? Panelist? In the interest of keeping things fresh (and because we hadn’t approved panels yet anyway even in 2020), we’re going to completely start over on the panel application front, so all panels will need to be applied for again. As for musicians, that original group for 2020 (and then 2021) is still set for July 2022 if they want in, and we’ll be opening separate applications for July 2021 (online) and December 2021 (IRL) soon. 

    Some of you have been asking about room blocks — good news there. We’re putting the finishing touches on our hotel block for December 2021 now, and you’ll get ample notification beforehand of when said block is actually going live. July 2022 will follow a little later in the year — and again, you’ll get notified beforehand. 

    Questions? Comments? Ideas? Gripes? We’re listening. Give us a shout via social media DM, get our attention in our Discord or email us at info@trotcon.net and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

    We wrote this last year when we announced the postponement, and we think it still holds true (dates have been changed, lol): We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding here, and we apologize for any and all inconvenience. Again, if you wanna wash your hands of the whole thing, refunds are available. But we’ve got a lot of big plans for ’21 that are now being moved to ’22, and with more time, we think we can make next year even better than before. So we’re hoping you’ll stick with us!