• Top 10 My Little Pony Characters Who Deserved One More Episode

    Something I think we can all agree made Friendship is Magic special was it’s enormous cast of characters of all shapes, sizes, and personalities. Most characters only had to make one appearance, have an interesting design or a personality trait that the fandom could latch onto, and they’d have dedicated fans somewhere.

    Friendship is Magic’s final season dedicated quite a few episodes to giving side characters one more chance to shine before the series came to a close. Celestia and Luna’s focused episode, giving the Student Six a bit more to do, bringing characters like Gabby and Cheese Sandwich back. There was a lot to be excited about. But with such a massive cast of beloved characters, there are many that we probably wish got to join the Mane Six one last time during Season 9. So today I’m going to count down my Top 10 Characters who deserved to appear one more time!

    Quick disclaimer before we start. I am not including the characters from My Little Pony: The Movie on this list. Yes there were some awesome characters in it and it would have been great to see them again, but with them all being voiced by expensive celebrities, it’s pretty obvious why we didn’t. At least they got some silent cameos, so that was pretty cool.

    Now that that’s done, on to the list! Starting off with a bit of an unusual one.

    #10 Pistachio

    I don’t even know if anyone remembers this wide eyed colt besides me. Pistachio made his first and only appearance in the final holiday episode, Best Gift Ever. The reason he made the list is because I immediately saw the potential for a future story with him and Rarity when she invites him to a fashion week in Manehattan.

    There’s just something about Pistachio’s enthusiasm for fashion and his fanboy reaction to being around Rarity that I found really endearing. It looked like they were setting up for Rarity to become something of a mentor to Pistachio, and taking him under her wing. How would he handle getting a look into the industry? How would Rarity handle teaching someone so similar yet different from her when she's still learning herself?

    I may be the only one, but I really liked the possibilities with Pistachio, and it’s kind of a shame they never did anything with it. Maybe there’ll be a comic story somewhere that can let this farm bred pony travel to Manehattan and discover the full world of fashion and couture. 

    #9 Gilda

    Going from a character hardly anyone cares about to one almost everyone cares about! Gilda’s had quite the fanbase ever since she debuted back in Season 1. She was our introduction to griffons in Equestria (and from that point on everyone was obsessed with them), and she had a personality that was, let’s call it memorable.

    Gilda fits into a category that we’re going to bring up a few times on this list. Antagonists who get a chance to redeem themselves, and then are never heard from again. I think this is the side of MLP reforming their bad guys that gets on people’s nerves. Or at least it’s what should.

    MLP has done fantastic work with rebuilding their former villains into 3 dimensional characters once they’ve seen the error of their ways. Like Luna, Discord, and Starlight. But despite getting other great griffon characters after her reformation, we never check in with Gilda again outside of some cameos.

    For a character as beloved as Gilda, I’d like to think she was worth at least one more outing. Maybe she could come to the School of Friendship to teach the students about other creatures, but then her temper gets the better of her and she leaves a bad impression? It could show that she’s still working through her anger, but the fact that she was willing to reach out and help, shows that she’s making progress. Maybe include Gallus in the middle of all of this? I don’t know.

    Personally I’ve never been Gilda’s biggest fan, but I think those who were huge fans of her for all these years deserved to see her get one last chance in the spotlight. If any character is worthy of that, it’s one who’s been around longer than Trixie.


    #8 Zecora

    This might seem like an odd choice to some. Since unlike the last two entries Zecora has made tons of appearances on the show. However most fans noticed that Zecora’s appearances dwindled significantly after Season 4.

    I don’t know if this was because Twilight’s accession to Princesshood meant she didn’t need a more unconventional magical mentor anymore, or if Zecora was a casualty of how little the Everfree Forest was used in later seasons, but either way, her absence was certainly felt in those later seasons of the show. I vividly remember being ecstatic to see her play a major role in the Season 8 episode, Molt Down. Because at that point we were lucky if we even saw her once a season. Never mind if she had a significant role.

    Whatever happened, it’s a real shame. Along with Gilda, Zecora was one of our first looks at creatures from outside of Equestria. With how much more the last couple of seasons of MLP focused on visiting those lands and building bridges among creatures and kingdoms, it would have been so exciting to see the land Zecora came from. Maybe even explore why she left; or how the bonds the ponies built with a mysterious stranger like Zecora put them on the path to making friends with all kinds of creatures.

    Zecora was such an integral part of the early seasons of the show. It’s so unfortunate her role was quietly pushed into obscurity. Even if she did get to be involved in some antics with Flutterhsy and Angel in the final season, which is more than a lot of other entries on this list got, she deserved so much more. I’ve heard the comics are working on rectifying that though, so that’s nice at least.

    If there was one early character who deserved nothing but the best, it was the poetic zebra, in the Everfree Forest.


    #7 Pharynx

    Pharynx is an interesting character in terms of popularity to me. I know Pharynx has his fans, but I get the feeling he would have had way more fans, if he was introduced a few years earlier. A moody, edgy, alternate colored Changeling felt like it had a fanbase waiting for it to be canon. Sadly that just didn’t happen with Pharynx. Possibly due to his debut being in the very next Changeling story after the infamous and divisive redesigns.

    Still, I think Pharynx would have thrived back in the day where practically every single background pony got tons of transformative work from bronies. By this point there were plenty of characters to do that with. Some might even say too much. So Pharynx might not have made the same impact when there were a lot more characters to get attached to by that point.

    I found Pharynx to be an interesting character and one that really stood out. It would have been great to have him return. He may have sorted out most of his issues in his debut episode, but if MLP taught us anything, it’s that just because you learn something, doesn’t mean there isn’t room to keep growing.

    I don’t know if there would have been enough to dedicate an entire second episode to Pharynx, but I could easily see a situation where say, he had to accompany Thorax to a summit with other leaders. Where he either gets into trouble of his own, intentionally or not by being so on guard or aggressive, or he helps one of the more prominent characters learn a valuable lesson. Ooh! Maybe needing to do something with Shining Armor or Cadance! That would be cool.

    While Pharynx had a great nuanced dedicated episode; in my opinion anyway (maybe I should do an editorial on that), he always felt like a well thought out and distinct character who deserved a little bit more love. Whether from MLP’s last season or from the fans. If Changelings taught us anything, it’s how much one can evolve when you give love instead of taking it.


    #6 Night Glider, Party Favor, and Double Diamond

    Yes I put 3 characters in one spot, but I think you’ll notice something in common among them. I am shocked that this town was only visited occasionally. Especially given that their former cult leader became an honorary main character!

    Yeah Sugar Belle got to become a recurring character as Big Mac’s love interest, and Starlight had to face visiting the town again in the Season 6 finale, but past that, we never heard much from any of these ponies again. Which is so weird to me because they all have an interesting story. Being ponies who adopted a strong, cult like way of life, then abandoned it and made a new life for themselves together.

    I mean think about it. They all lived with each other for a long time, but because they didn’t have their cutie marks, they didn’t really know each other. At least not what makes them each unique. What would it be like to get reacquainted with someone you’ve known and lived with for quite a while? What was it like for the town's ponies to stay together and rebuild the town into something that was theirs? Why did they all come to this village in the first place and accept Starlight’s anti-cutie mark ways?! That’s something I’d really want to know!

    Starlight can’t be the only one with a bad experience connecting to them. What are the stories behind these ponies? Why did so many of these ponies decide to stay in this village in the middle of nowhere instead of going back home after they got their cutie marks back? I want to see that.

    Sugar Belle was able to grow and find happiness again that we can assume she didn’t have before. Part of me really wishes that Night Glider, Party Favor, and Double Diamond got the same chance. Even if it was just one episode dedicated to all of them. They were so endearing in their debut episode, and their circumstances are very unique for the show. It was a village ripe with potential that sadly, was never fully realized.


    #5 Countess Coloratura

    I know it’s at Number 5, but personally, the pony formerly known as Countess Coloratura was the pony I was most hoping would make a return! I absolutely adored The Mane Attraction. It’s a great slice of life episode and Rara is instantly appealing to the audience despite the layers of glitter and hair extensions she’s hiding under for most of the episode.

    Like many other ponies on this list, Rara goes through a substantial transformation in her episode. Realizing the power of authenticity to an audience and how fulfilling it is to perform on your own terms. With one of the best songs the show has ever produced. Something that’s rather empowering especially in the last couple of years as we’ve seen female artists take back their own voices from greedy executives.

    However, the episode ends with her basically having to reshape her entire career. I was always so curious what direction Rara’s music career took after her big transformation. If it was smooth sailing where maybe she could run into Applejack and the girls again to help her with something more external, or if she’s struggling to keep her performances going without the Countess persona. With other MLP characters who have made follow up appearances like Pommel and Cheese Sandwich, it could have gone either way.

    There’s also the fact that I just adored Lena Hall’s guest performance, and I would have loved to have seen her get the chance to voice act for MLP again. I certainly wouldn’t object if that included recording another exceptional song too. Then again pony musicians tend to be a one and done deal most of the time. Except for Sapphire Shores who got a whopping total of two appearances.

    My desire to see Rara on the show one more time before it concluded was one of the main inspirations for this list. It’s such a shame she never appeared again, but at least we got to hear her be true to herself once in what was to me, an unforgettable introduction.


    #4 The Other Pillars

    I say “other” and not all because a couple of them did get some interesting follow up material. Starswirl had a few really fun appearances advancing his story, and there was an episode that featured catching up with the Pillars in modern times, A Rockhoof and a Hard Place. Which I liked a lot. But while we did check in with how the other Pillars were doing, that was mostly Rockhoof’s story.

    Shadow Play introduced us to seven of Equestria’s greatest heroes, and kept them around in modern times. Where, for the most part, they seamlessly lounge around in the background until they get their butts kicked in the series finale. What legendary heroes!

    Now in terms of character struggles, I think they covered the major one of feeling out of place rather well with Rockhoof. But there’s still a lot more you can do with them. Especially if you mix and match them with the Mane Six. Maybe have them tackle an obstacle together. Where one of the Pillars could pass on the forgotten wisdom of the past, or one of the Mane Six could impart modern day sensibilities on ponies who have been banished from the world for 1,000 years. Where a lot has changed throughout Equestria. Especially in the last couple of years.

    Again, it’s not really that they didn’t explore the potential with these characters, because in some areas they did. But with only a couple of them. I would have loved to have gotten to know the rest of them better, or at the very least, see them more often.

    Now I don’t necessarily blame the writers for this since apparently they had to hold back on some recurring characters and storylines to make the show more episodic and rerun friendly. So the Pillars could be seen as a casualty of company mandate. Which is unfortunate. In a way they were banished all over again.


    #3 Autumn Blaze

    Many of you, including Sethisto, were probably waiting for this one. I wrote a whole editorial on the Kirin about how great they were. The only real downside to their inclusion though was how late in the game it was. It was kind of a double edged sword.

    Personally I liked seeing expansions to the world all the way in Season 8, and an excellent one at that, but that meant there really wasn’t a chance for them to make a comeback in a meaningful way. Especially the firecracker who stole the hearts of many in the fandom, Autumn Blaze.

    There would have been so many possibilities for Autumn Blaze to make a meaningful return to the show. Especially since she spent so much time isolated and alone. Imagine her travelling to Ponyville to visit Applejack? Or accompanying the Kirin leader to introduce the Kirin to the other creature kingdoms, and trying to keep herself in check from being “embarrassing”? Maybe having some insecurities about her personality deep down? Or having trouble controlling her anger when she’s jealous of ponies outside her village who take their voices for granted, when she was punished so badly for wanting to express herself?

    How much the Kirin are tied to how to handle and react to emotions, and how we vocalize them, provides a lot of opportunities for complex and important lessons for all ages. With Autumn Blaze being a very endearing character to convey those possibilities with. If they had been introduced even one season earlier, we might have gotten that chance. Especially with how much the post-movie seasons played around with the relations to other creatures. Even creatures like the hippogriffs got quite a few featured appearances in their short existence.

    But alas, it was too little too late. There’s a good chance that by the time Sound of SIlence aired, most of the final season was already written if not partially animated. The end was in sight, and sadly, Autumn Blaze was not within view. Well, much like Rara, we’ll always have her amazing song.


    #2 Diamond Tiara

    Until Crusaders of the Lost Mark, I never thought I would be asking for more Diamond Tiara. This is another one that mostly comes from personal frustration, but I can’t be the only one who was disappointed that we pretty much, never saw Diamond Tiara again after she was reformed!

    They spent a whole song revealing that there was so much more to her then being the shallow bully. Showing us how complicated her home life was, how much pressure she was under to make her mark (no pun intended), and the courage she’s developed to make her own decisions and reinvent her talent into something that could help people. But I guess since she’s not the bully anymore we don’t ever have to give her a line again.

    Of all of the villain reformations, Diamond Tiara’s was the most surprising to me. I didn’t think they could do it, but they did. Believably in my eyes. It’s just so weird to me that she almost completely disappears from the show after that. What would her relationship with the CMC be like now that she’s not set on making their lives miserable? Her friendship with SIlver Spoon must be a little different now right? What about the other fillies whose lives she made miserable?

    Just imagine if there was a pony out there who didn’t immediately see Diamond Tiara as a good pony just because she says she’s one. Maybe if she had to run into Babs or Twist or even a whole new pony who was really hurt by Diamond Tiara’s bullying and had to change schools or something? Who isn’t quite as ready to forgive what she did to them? Now that’s something I would have loved to have seen MLP tackle!

    But no. All of that development and growth, and Diamond Tiara is reduced to essentially becoming a background pony. I don’t know if this is a choice that will be this high on anyone else’s list, but it’s one that frustrated me more with each passing season. Even if she got a couple of casual exchanges I would have felt better about how much less she was in the show after her reformation. But I get it was the sacrifice we had to make for the Crusaders to get their marks.

    However, I’m sure my Number 1 is a set of ponies that everyone would have liked to have seen one last time.


    #1 Moondancer and Twilight’s Canterlot Friends

    Before the later additions of Tempest Shadow and Autumn Blaze as ponies who immediately stole the hearts of the entire fandom, there was Moondancer. In both the tragedy of her loneliness and resignation, and the hope and triumph of her accepting friendship again. In one of the most powerful episodes in the entire series, where Twilight learns what can happen when you leave friends behind. And of course that’s why we barely ever see her again.

    This is like a few other entries on this list where the lesson of the episode is an incredibly strong one, and one that could see a character grow and be challenged in new and interesting ways, only for them to completely disappear from the program.

    With how much the fans loved her and how many seasons there were after her introduction, it always baffled me that the crew never took advantage of that by bringing her back outside of a couple of background cameo and one exchange in Point of No Return. Perhaps Twilight could check in on her having trouble balancing her studies with her time with her friends. I know that’s something the show has tackled before, but for Moondancer it could be much more complex.

    She doesn’t want to see her studies, something very important to her, as not worth her time now. But she also wouldn’t want to reschedule time with her friends out of fear of losing them. For someone who’s been friendless for a really long time, and whose only close friend was pre-Ponyville Twilight Sparkle, transitioning into figuring out how to incorporate time with friends into your life could be a really interesting subject to tackle.

    But while Moondancer is the one most deserving of another episode, part of me was always disappointed that we never heard from Lemon Heart, Twinkleshine, or Minuette ever again. They just went back to being background ponies! I don’t know how much they needed dedicated episodes, but how is it that Twilight never made plans with them in Ponyville? Or asked for their help with the school or some event in Canterlot? Or reunited with Lyra?! If nothing else it’s a very easy way to write Twilight out of an episode to say that she’s visiting or hanging out with them.

    Maybe part of the nuance of Amending Fences is that you can reconcile with old friends you might have hurt, but it's still okay that you grew apart. Which is fine, and very true to life sometimes. But with how much everyone loved Moondancer and this loveable group Twilight left behind, it would have been nice if, in this last season where Twilight becomes what she was always meant to be, the greatest symbol of friendship, she went back one last time to where it all began. 

    As I said at the beginning, MLP developed a large varied cast of characters during it’s 9 season run. So there might be quite a few characters who deserve one more appearance that I didn’t think of here. So if there is a character you wish got to come back on the show before it ended, definitely let us know in those comments! Most of all, what kind of story would you like to see them take part in?

    Even with over 200 stories told throughout Equestria during My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic’s run, there was always room to tell more!

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