• Love To Pony Waifu Music: Heartsong - Sweet Soirée [Orchestral]

    Is it well known that Tavi is the pony who is tucking at Heartsong's heartstrings, and we shall celebrate this relatable love and party at the gala, as we appreciate the musician's tribute to his beloved! Included in the compilation album ASOS Biscuit, this grand masterpiece is showing a lot of thought and heart as it indicates that Heartsong found the right time to compose such a meaningful and important piece toward her, as explained in the description. And that's not all, he also wrote lyrics with love, and they will make you melt! Check them out in the video, they're just so sweet and beautiful! Now that's a way to capture the heart of your special mare! Such display of love toward a pony is so commendable and I'll never stop celebrating that kind of feelings that are very much part of the core of our community!!