• Fanfiction: Starlight's Support Group For Reformed Villains


    [Comedy][Slice of Life]

    Author: Rytex

    Description: Capitalizing on her reformation from being a former terror to Equestria, Starlight decided to start a group to help reintegrate former villains in Equestria, as well as offer support for those having trouble adapting. Thus far, her group has grown to include Tirek, Cozy Glow, Chrysalis, Stygian, and Luna. Unfortunately, these meetings stay about as on-topic as Pinkie Pie on a sugar rush giving a speech about the best kind of dessert. <p>This is the fifth meeting of the support group, and they find themselves with a new attendee: Fluttershy. Not to mention, it turns out that the former villains finding jobs or hobbies that suited their skills may not have had the best of consequences. <p>Will Starlight be able to help them all become model citizens? What sort of devious terrors have these former villains unknowingly wrought upon Equestria despite their best of intentions? Will Starlight ever learn just what it was Fluttershy did last Thursday? One thing's for sure, she's gonna need a pay raise at the end of all of this.

    Starlight's Support Group For Reformed Villains

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