• Equestria Girls Show on the Road Episode Follow Up


    Nothing says getting things done in less than 5 minutes than doing it with a music montage. Not like I have ever had a problem with things getting cleaned or fixed up in this format because…why not? So just to cement The Rainbooms as an actual band, we get a tour bus being made in a music video. Very fitting. I know it’s just a music video montage, but if I were to give this a moral, it would be that nothing is impossible s long as you have friends to help you along the way. Either that or maybe choose investing in better transportation. Seriously, the bus before the make over was a dump heap that I’m very surprised it even started. And maybe be sure to have all your shots before touching a giant hunk of rusted metal, too.

    (Editor’s Note: So I’m not 100% sure, but I think this title card is the closest we’ve gotten to clear letters in the human world even if it’s not spelling anything)


    So it seems we’re shy one country girl in this waiting game. Applejack is taking her sweet time getting the tour bus to the school parking lot (which I’m surprised is allowed, but as the saviors of the school, it should be fine.) And for some reason I can’t take my eyes off Rarity in this “I’m too cool to be here” pose that I would think Sunset Shimmer has probably already mastered. And we even stick with some continuity where Pinkie has to drum on something to keep herself entertained. That girl was never meant to sit still.


    No. Really. Can someone explain to me how she got suckered into buying something that was this banged up? There’s something having character to it and then there’s something that looked like it was used for illegal criminal activity and was abandoned in the woods. How this thing even ran is a miracle in itself. Just by looking at it long enough you find more wrong with it from the duct tape holding the wheel cover, the muffler dragging behind it, and the big brother who was probably not paid enough to do this for her sister and her friends.


    Ok we’ve seen Applejack work magic with some carpentry skills in some past shorts, but this is beyond putting up wallpaper and shelves in a bedroom. She is amazingly lucky it didn’t explode but pretty much is not unmovable with the tires popped. Big Mac you truly are too nice of an older brother. Your sis will owe you for years. But with that said, let’s get this fixing montage music video underway.


    Well at least Twilight seemed to have made some plans in the short span of…2 minutes? And these aren’t really much plans on how to build a bus, but more so on the paint job. And from the looks of it, Twilight wants the design to look like The Magic School Bus if Elton John was the teacher. 

    (Editor’s note: Please Luna tell me there are older people who get what I’m saying here so I don’t come off as a granny.)


    Jumping the gun a little too early girls. Usually the jump in the air freeze frame comes after the job is done. But I do love that Big Mac just leaned in and wanted to be part of the moment. Wait a minute…can he…can he see us? Does he know we’re here watching? I mean, the girls are all distracted with excitement, but he’s giving us a thumbs up looking right at the camera. Interesting.


    For the sake of Pinkie’s stomach, I really hope she didn’t just find that old candy somewhere on the bus. I think Fluttershy might be concerned as well. Pinkie, please don’t eat that. We don’t even know where it’s been. Oh yeah. It’s been on a bus that’s older than your parents that was probably found in the woods somewhere.


    Ok I know for a show with colorful horses and its spin off with girls turning into anthro pony girls, I know I’m supposed to suspend my disbelief. But can I just put a little snark and questioning in this? First off, glad that Sunset got to use this welder’s outfit Rarity randomly made from the Friendship Games, but how does Sunset know how to weld and use tools like this? Where did they get tools like this? Why does this feel dangerous that a teenager is using welding tools for fixing up something that has gas in its tank?


    Again, I know I need to suspend my disbelief, but I can only believe that Applejack would have experience in fixing mechanical equipment. I’m sure her and Big Mac have had their hands in tractors and plows for their farm life, but obviously not Rainbow Dash. Strangely enough, black doesn’t always go with rainbow. Good to know.


    Raccoons seem to always be in places where they shouldn’t be. First it was Rarity’s Manehattan boutique from Saddle Row Review and now here in an old bus. I don’t suppose these little guys want to be waiters for the girls here too, huh. 


    Oh it looks like they want to help now after giving Twilight a reason to make sure she’s had her rabies shot. And all it took was the time for Rainbow Dash to break out into rap. Still like this out fit for her since the Dance Magic special so I can see Rainbow Dash having an urban flavor to her style. I also want to note that I’m not questioning too hard on how raccoons know how to sew and do car detailing because at this point, I think Fluttershy can mind control the animals and we have it disguised as her just talking to them and being nice to them. Once she realizes humans are also a form of animal, I’m sure she will be an unstoppable force on the X-Men.


    And now we get out finished product. Again, trying not to put so much realism in a show like this, but wouldn’t the amount of money it took to make over this bus be the equivalent to buying one that was already in good shape and just do the paint job for it. There’s still some custom pieces on here like the rims and the Rainbooms symbol on the top. But we always gotta remember one thing in this case. And that is to buy the merch on sale at your local department store along with the band instruments and sticker decorations.

    (Editor’s note: Is anybody else bothered that the rainbow on the side of the bus doesn’t have purple or is it just me?)


    Yes! You too can buy the Rainbooms tour bus, the band mates and instruments for the low price of $39.99 (batteries and Big Mac not included).

    And to end off the montage we get the full effect of pony girls who built a bus having the time to rock out in front of it. I don’t even think the paint on the bus is even dry for Pinkie to just have her whole drum set on top of the bus. And I still love Big Mac just still there with a thumbs up and a smile. What have you been doing the whole time?


    So…I don’t know why we have this shot at the end of the short as they’re driving off. There was not really a connection with Applejack and Rainbow Dash specifically in this. Even the chorus is all of them singing instead of just these two. And with two other windows, we could’ve had other girls leaning out, too. Not trying to start the ship wars…but…can I also point out that their cutie marks on the bus are right next to each other? Just a thought.

    And that was Show On The Road, a generic song but with a fun high school fixing montage that I can’t help but be a sucker for. Just the idea that anything can be cleaned or fixed up with a 2 minute song number is too funny. We also get some obvious merch out of the short and finding out that Sunset has more talents than I thought if she knows how to weld. Lyrics for the song was repetitive, which is not always bad since it’s not something so big or grand that it needed much thought. And everyone got to have their own moment in the video, including Big Mac, who still was not paid enough to do this. Cute song, cute video, nothing to really dislike. I’m Penny Wrights and I’m gonna see which high school actually offers welding and shop class as an elective.