• Equestria Girls Road Trippin Episode Follow Up

    Well now that the girls have their own tour bus (though I think we’re not gonna get much use out of it to go to Las Vegas or something), they get to travel to their first gig outside of school functions. We really only see them perform with school dances, school trips, or stopping a group of sirens from taking over the school. The only thing that moth be a bit of a hassle is the designated driver for this trip. If we were to give this a moral, it would be to trust in you family that they can help you get through tough situations. Either that or maybe use another family member that’s not too…out of it to drive a bus. Let’s see how their short and long their trip turns out.


    There’s no denying these girls are ready to rock out an old lady’s party. It’s cool that Goldie Delicious is not only in this universe, but that she’s still not really the frail old lady you would think. But given that in the pony world, she is the proud owner of a jaguar (the animal, not the car) she seems to be pretty durable for her age. Now that Twilight has made sure everything is in check and need to be on the road in 37 seconds (seriously, if you’re on time, why do it in seconds and not minutes?), it’s time for one of out canon drivers to get to the driver’s seat. We know Sunset has her license, but Applejack and Fluttershy also drive and have cars of their own. Or maybe Big Mac is their driver since he did help with driving the bus in the “Show on the Road” music video.


    Oh. The driver is Granny Smith. I think I share in the girls’ concerned faces when seeing this old lady behind the wheel of a very posh and very expensively fixed tour bus. And can I just ask who’s idea was the purple skull gearshift with a helmet on? My guess would be Sunset, but this would also be up Rainbow Dash’s alley as well.


    Well…can’t say this would be surprising. Of course a big issue would be a huge traffic jam with more normal looking cars and making me unable to look at their tour bus without a pair of my own sunglasses.


    Well it looks like there’s another option and that is this dirt road with the broken gate and a sign saying there’s some rocky areas up ahead. Add in an old lady that doesn’t believe in GPS and you got a possible reason to revoke her driver’s license. Not to mention some funny line reads from Granny Smith that even I don’t have the confidence to type into actual words.

    Well…I guess Fluttershy’s appreciation for rollercoasters in Rollercoaster of Friendship didn’t translate over to bumpy high speed car rides with Granny Smith. But amazing faces all around from scared as all get out to nauseous to excited from Pinkie Pie. This might win Pinkie the best face and this was paused by accident.


    And now we learned when you step on it too much, you get a flat tire. But luckily for us, we have seven magical girls in the back that can do just about anything in less than 2 minutes. Glad we still can remember that these girls have magic powers that can really help in a pinch. Hopefully they won’t be too late for the gig.


    Well…can’t say I wouldn’t see this coming. If one thing goes wrong, you need about 20 other things to happen. Including having your dirt road blocked by cows. But thankfully we also have a Disney Princess to talk them into grazing somewhere else. And this is all Fluttershy’s doing without the magic geode. You can notice with Applejack and Twilight using magic to change the tire, but there’s no glow coming from Fluttershy, not even from the necklace. Maybe I’ll chalk it to this skill being less visual instead of Flutters actually knowing how to talk to animals. 


    Tree fell in the woods on your path while driving? Use explosive sprinkles. Pretty sure you won’t see that option on 5 Minute Crafts. And I guess they also didn’t really make Pinkie’s hand or necklace glow here so maybe just animation error or not really needing to see a tree get disintegrated by magic sprinkles. But I do love these moments of giving everyone something interesting to do when put in a difficult situation. It’s hammered in inclusion, but it gets us to watch the girls use their magic a bit more and that’s always fun to see. Looks like there’s nothing that can stop them now.


    Ok. So I may have spoken too soon on that. A bridge being out wouldn’t been nice to see a sign of that anywhere in this short. I mean, who just puts the sign right next to it when it could’ve been put somewhere further back to let people know ahead of time. 


    Granny Smith: “Hold on to your horses, girls!”

    …I don’t know how to take that line right now. I mean… really? You could’ve used anything else that wasn’t so on the nose. Welp. You heard the old lady. Everybody hug Sunset Shimmer and hope unicorns turned human counts in this case. 


    Yeah I couldn’t resist using this shot. It’s Granny driving off a cliff in Dukes of Hazzard slow motion (geez, really showing my age here) and the girls are semi-holding it together. At least Pinkie Pie seems to be having fun. But this is our Ms. Giggle at the Ghosty girl who can laugh in the face of danger.


    Ok I feel like this was the biggest troll moment, but at the same time, I’m laughing at how silly this was. Everything just being a drawn set piece for whatever these movie makers are doing in the forest. I wanna say making a new Friday the 13th movie if it’s a broken bridge out in the wild with no way of crossing. But that’s just my choice. But at least the set piece wasn’t anything harder than paper. Otherwise, this would’ve been a dark turn for this short.


    And with 30 seconds to spare on the clock, the girls finally pull up to the party. Not many people around, but this could also just be starting. I wouldn’t put it past Goldie Delicious to throw down til the break of dawn. And with the sun setting in the background, that might be the case.


    I love Goldie Delicious’ design here. She is just so sweet and fun. Maybe it’s the fact that they’re wearing more clothes in the human world, but I never liked how rail thin the elders were in pony form. It happens with old age, but here they don’t look so thin and makes me think they can still do anything they wanted to do regardless of their age. I also loved the dialogue swapped between them here. Best moment of the short.


    I do give credit to the girls being able to set up in a flash like this. I mean you have to get the drums set up, the amps for the guitars and bass (which there aren’t any), the speakers for the sound (which also are missing), and to plug everything in for the microphones and…ok I think I need to stop reading too into this now. 

    And that was Road Trippin’, a fun short with a dash of chaos brought to you by a crazy old lady. This was just something so fun and wild I knew I had to talk about it. The humor was on point with the random occurrences that happened on the road and Tabitha St. Germane being an awesome Granny Smith. Almost makes up for Rarity not having anything to do here. Almost. Goldie Delicious is just sweet in this short and watching her and Granny interact really brings back the memories of Grannies Gone Wild where just because you’re a bit older, doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun. Sometimes you’re only as old as you feel. Also a good moral here. I’m Penny Wrights and I have some action movie car races to watch.