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    • Guardians Of Harmony Series 2?
    • Will the Elements of Harmony Return in G5
    • Who is best for Trixie - Blueblood or Hoo’far?
    • Why 'Save Equestria Girls' Actually Matters...to me at least

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    Guardians Of Harmony Series 2?
    By Oddball Tales

    Today I was thinking about the Guardians of Harmony series released in 2017 by Hasbro, namely, the statue/figurines released. (The Celestia, Nightmare Moon, and Chrissy all sit on my shelf.) These figures were super cool- but I was thinking if they ever did another series, which figurines I'd like to see! So below,I've listed a few with why I'd like them:

    1. Princess Cadanece- she'd go well with Chrissy, and it would be fun to do a set up with her facing off with the Bug Queen. Also, it would complete the Princess Trio!

    2. Shining Armor- Yes yes, I know they created the action figure of him, but I think having in an action pose would make for a great addition to the collection, especially if they had the Cadence figure as well.

    3. TIREK- How AWESOME would this have been? Tirek would have been popular I'd imagine- all his appearances in MLP G4 were memorable as he was an intimidating baddie. Especially if they made him in the style of the Season 4 finale!

    4. Sunburst- Sunburst doesn't always get much love in the toyline, at least from what I have seen. I could see a figure with him casting Dr. Strange style protection spells being pretty awesome- maybe if they added a Changeling with it as well that he could be fighting off?

    5. King Sombra (IDW)- Although his run in the IDW comics is considered non-canon, I think the story for Sombra created by Jeremy Whitely and Co. is worthy of getting a figure in this series, especially given the GOH comic takes place in the IDW verse. Although any Sombra would have been fine.

    What characters would you have liked to see?


    Will the Elements of Harmony Return in G5?

    The other day, while in the car, something hit me.  I was thinking over the designs of the new mane 5, Izzy, Sunny, Hitch, Pipp and Zipp.  Others have already noticed how Izzy Moonbow is purple, just like Twilight.  And thinking through it, I realized the rest of the revealed mane cast also have coat colors corresponding to the mane 6 from G4.  Pipp is pink like Pinkie, Zipp is white like Rarity, Hitch is a shade of yellow like Fluttershy, and Sunny is a shade of orange like Applejack.

    This makes me wonder if the sixth focal character, perhaps the villain that becomes reformed in the upcoming movie, is blue like Rainbow Dash.  This also lead me to theorize if the Elements of Harmony will be making a return in G5.

    I don’t think the colors of the ponies’ coats have anything to do with which Element of Harmony they represent if they do return, but it would make sense for them to be bearers of the Elements.  It would pay homage to G4 quite well and since we have had generations of Element bearers in the past, therefore, it makes sense there would be new ones.  Perhaps that has something to do with what brings magic back to Equestria, or perhaps the disappearance of the Elements was cause for separation and mistrust.

    Perhaps the Elements will be used in the same way as before, or something more along the lines of how they are used in Equestria Girls.  Or maybe they will work in an entirely different way.

    In any case, that familiar rainbow of friendship we see during the defeat of villains in FiM could make a return using the same colors, as a beautiful homage to the friendship and light the mane 6/7 spread with it before.  In my opinion, this would not only be a fantastic way to reference Friendship is Magic, but also a perfect way to bring something fresh and new to concepts we are already familiar with.

    What do you guys think?  Will the sixth focal character be blue, like Rainbow Dash?  Is the colors of the coats of our new characters significant or simply a coincidence?  Will the Elements of Harmony make a return?  Will they be used the same way as before, or different? Do you think they’ll look the same or get a redesign?  And finally, which character do you think will represent which Element?

    This has been my first Soapbox. Thank you so much for reading, everypony!


    Who is best for Trixie - Blueblood or Hoo’far?
    By Double C

    Starlight and Trixie have a great friendship with many ups and downs since Season 6. With the two now working at the School of Friendship along with Sunburst things will be interesting in future comics. We all can agree that Starlight and Sunburst got married somewhere and had children, I don’t think Luster Dawn is their daughter despite some similarities. I would think Trixie was asked to be the kid’s godmother since Starlight and Trixie have a good friendship. But would like Trixie find her special somepony and have children so she can ask her and Sunburst to be her kid’s godmother and godfather. While there are some but two seem to be among the top chooses, Blueblood or Hoo’far.

    Both Blueblood and Hoo’far are very different from each other but fans have their point of views of how each one could be paired with her. Bluetrix as it’s called has been around since season 1 with fans pairing them simply because they’re both jerks. I can see that they both think their above others by showing off like Trixie with her magic and Blueblood with his prince title. While Trixfar is relatively new since introduce in season 8, but fans paired them since he was attracted to her magic talent and show. The other is that they are two travelers heckling for better carts and others see them as a magician and the salespony.

    Out of these two in my opinion, Hoo’far is the winner. While Blueblood would fit in a sort of love/hate relationship and then end up bringing out the best in each other over time. But I find Hoo’far more down-to-earth and wise that can keep her in check and admires her talent for magic and help her advance in it. I also think he and Sunburst can get along very well with each other learning both magic and culture. He has both better design and character development in just one episode then Blueblood did. It was funny and cutie how both were willing to wait and hold their ground until the other gave in. I think Trixie, Starlight, and Sunburst will in a future comics issue go to Saddle Arabia with Hoo’far as their guide. We all like to see what the country looks like since it will be part of expanding beyond Equestria adventure.

    Even though Trixie might not be shipped with either one in the comics but fans will still make art of her with either Blueblood or Hoo’far. Which one of these two do you like? If you have someone else to ship her with I support your opinion unlike others.


    Why 'Save Equestria Girls' Actually Matters...to me at least
    By: Sophie H

    People have problems with 'Save Equestria Girls', mostly because they think it means demanding Hasbro to give the series a proper ending and asking for sexy Equestria Girls moments. I know all of that...but I support it for a different reason...different than everyone else.

    Equestria Girls first was introduced when I was still in high school, I was about to become a sophomore. It stuck around for my entire high school career, even after I graduated in 2018 (I'm autistic). It was completely dependable during my entire high school career, I may only have a few dolls, but the cartoon is just beyond awesome, many of the characters faced situations we high schoolers have faced in our lifetime. It's one of the reasons why I am not ready to let go of them just yet.

    Asking for moments like 'feet fetishes' in Equestria Girls is not right. They are minors and praying on minors is wrong. These girls have inspired me to become the fashionista and the person I am today. I was Pinkie Pie for Halloween once. Pinkie Pie, being my favorite, inspired me to get a pair of heart shaped sunglasses at Five Below like the ones she wears in 'Spring Breakdown' despite being a different color from hers (mine are red).

    Boulder Media stated they weren't working on it in 2019 but didn't mean they wouldn't in the future. It means that it could hold potential: if they should make a 3rd season and graduation special or movie, they should take this into consideration: Them and Hasbro shouldn't listen to fans who want 'sexy' moments, they should listen to fans who prove that Equestria Girls matters to them. Well...at least it matters to me, but I'm sure it matters to so many people who want to see it continue. I don't want to see it continue for inappropriate moments though. I want to see it continue so that our girls can get the ending they deserve, unexpected guest stars, AWESOME pony-up moments, great musical numbers, etc.

    Even if Equestria Girls gets rebooted in the 5th generation of My Little Pony (it takes place in Equestria still), I still want to see the 7 girls we all grew up watching, the girls led by the one...and only...Sunset Shimmer.

    The graduation movie could easily be the girls passing it all over to the next generation to Equestria Girls and Guys...starting a whole new generation all together so that the magic can continue. Equestrian magic continuing in the human world that is. Don't you all want that? The last time we saw them was in 2019, which was a horrible year for me yet no one understands that. Just making 'Holidays Unwrapped' the "final special" might have led to that factor.

    Also, Fluttershy hasn't gotten a special yet, I would love to see that for all the Fluttershy fans out there. It could be about her going on a road trip to a special place for animals, or something like that. I really miss looking forward to new Equestria Girls content and I want to experience it again for a long time. I only tweet #SaveEquestriaGirls on Twitter just because...I'm not the kind of person who wants feet fetishes at all. I'm not that kind of girl. I'm the kind of person who loves to see 7 girls having fun together and saving the world with Equestrian magic in the best way possible. Equestria Girls helped me find my friends in real life...I depend on them yet no one understands that either. No one understood me 2 years ago and during the global pandemic, I don't think anyone does.

    At times, I preferred EQG than the actual MLP FiM show itself. I don't know why...probably because they're humans who stick together even during the darkest times. It's not that I don't like MLP FiM, I love it as much as EQG. Tara Strong, Twilight's VA, even liked working on EQG.

    I hope Hasbro and Boulder Media continue Equestria Girls when G5 comes. I would love to see that. I'm sure other people might like too, though not everyone might agree, I hope people at least agree with my statement.