• That Current Fun Fan Theory - Is Friendship is Magic Just a TV Show in G5?

    Sunny here is a fanfilly (fanmare?). Her room is covered in mane 6 memorobilia and she's pretty much a brony-level con goer in wearable badges and merch starring our G4 mare team. Of course, this has sparked an endless swarm of fan theories, one in particular that could be even more interesting for our G5 storyline.

    It's far fetched, but what if in this pony world, the mane 6 are actually just a TV show? Or at least, the time gap is so huge that long after the mane 6 were a thing, a cartoon came out that told their story in a more cartoony way? It's hard to imagine that Twilight's or even her predecessors leadership was so awful that the entire Equestrian system was split in three. Maybe this dystopian Equestria we are seeing is the real version, and G4 was just a kids show that told a message of friendship and unity that none of the three races actually support? It kinda matches our real world in a bleak sort of way.

    Obviously it's just a silly theory right now, but that's about all we have to work with. How would you react if this is what we ended up seeing?