• Starlight Glimmer Day Discussion: Character Development, Episode Ideas and More!


    Ah, Starlight, a unicorn with a very storied history in the fandom. I remember back when she first became reformed how divisive she was at first with her share of fans and haters that would swarm into our comment sections whenever she seemed to be the main topic of a post. Things appear to have mostly cooled with the passing of years and she is a frequent fixture of fandom media whether it's comics, art, memes and more.

    So what are your thoughts on Glimmer? Were you always a fan or did she grow on you over time? Or does she still not sit quite right with you? What would you have done to develop her character arc and what episodes would you have come up for her if given the chance? And, of course, what do you think about her friendship with the Great and Powerful Trixie? 

    Talk about all of that and more in the comments!

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