• More Pony Music! Pony Voices, Covers, Luna Ponification, FoE Music!

    1 More! Find many lovely initiatives in this post, including my favorite, #2 "King Westonian - Pony Madness Part 1", that is just so cute and full of ponies and reminding me of what our community is about!! There are also various covers and musical tributes, FoE soundtrack music, and a Fluttergoth track (warning: language)! Hop in below the break! Weeee! (Pinkie's voice)

    1. Crusader! - A Summer in the Stars (Covering Forest Rain)

    Vocal - Pop Rock

    Crusader paid tribute to Forest Rain's song by covering it!

    2. King Westonian - Pony Madness Part 1

    Vocal - Electronic

    Such a cute and lovely song and tribute to the ponies, making use of vocal samples of their voices and dedicating parts of the song to them! I'd almost give this a solo post, considering the pure pony intents behind the song that are just what pony music is about!

    3. Dolça - Generation 5

    Instrumental - Electronic

    Despite what the time of the release and the cover art implies, this is not a song about those recent potential G5 leaks, as it was made in July 2020! But it IS a song about the upcoming G5, so now is a good time to savor it after all, and partake in the hype vibes of the music!

    4. Sebastian Austin - Make This Castle a Home (Violin Cover) (Covering Daniel Ingram)

    Vocal - Soundtrack

    Gotta love it when the community comes together and everypony contributes with a tribute to the show using their own special skills and the instrument they play!!

    5. Yukiverse - Neon Blight Caverns

    Instrumental - Soundtrack

    An FoE-themed OST-like track reuploaded by Yukiverse who originally went under the name Firestreak! Let's hope we won't have to go through another Endless Eight though! (let's see who will get that reference)

    Check out Yukiverse's other reuploads, Project Horizons and Caution/Evasion/Safe!

    6. Morgan Freepony - Luna (Laura Parody)

    Vocal - Classic Pop

    A Luna-themed ponification of Laura!

    7. Technickel Ted - Technically (Seventh Element Remix)

    Instrumental - Acid

    Seventh Element gave a tasty Acid spin to Technickel's fun classic! It's playing with those vocal samples too!

    8. MidnightFritz - Mystery Of Magic

    Instrumental - Chillout

    A soft and deep track that seems to call for reminiscence, and that is just perfect for the epilogue/finale of MidnightFritz' upcoming EP "Elements of Harmony"!

    9. Nyancat380 - That Goth B####

    Instrumental - Hybrid Trap

    Nevermind the title, I'm just glad that there are new tracks about #Fluttergoth being made!!

    10. Matías Peñaloza - The Magic of Friendship Grows (Piano Cover) (Covering Daniel Ingram)

    Instrumental - Orchestral

    A particularly emotional piano cover from Matías (with added epic guitars too!), and you know why..!


    Whirlwind - Live at McKinney Ranch (Harmonycon Renegade Set)

    SpinScissor - Live at HarmonyCon Online 2021 Renegade Stage

    Bolt the Super-Pony - HarmonyCon Renegade Stage - Hearts and Hooves Day Set

    Likonan - "The Good Old Days" (PonyvilleFM Set Jan 17 2021)

    Prowox @ HarmonyCon Online Renegade Stage

    Tremil - Harmony Con Online 2021 Concert

    Awesome as I wanna be but they forgot to turn on their amps

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