• Executive Producer for the My Little Pony G5 Movie/Series Revealed - Cort Lane


    We have a big reveal for the upcoming G5 Netflix release finally! A bit more interesting than those 2 new poses posted this morning. The executive producer for the project has finally been revealed! Cort Lane over on Twitter posted this picture of himself up, along with this tweet:

    It's a poorly kept secret, but time to acknowledge something I'm really proud of... I've been busy Exec Producing the new MY LITTLE PONY ("G5") CG series that's coming to Netflix. #mylittlepony #mlp #MyLittlePonyG5

    He has an extensive collection of production credits under his belt, including pretty much all of the cartoon based Marvel stuff over the past decade. How will he handle cartoon horses? We will find out in September!

    Thanks to Mrx1983 for the heads up