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    • Where G5 Has the Opportunity to Take It's Lore
    • Could Fluttershy become a Princess?
    • The Ending of Equestria Girls (In my POV)
    • Godzilla vs Equestria

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    Where G5 Has the Opportunity to Take It's Lore
    By: ManaMinori

    While in my last soapbox, I brought the cons of g5 focusing too heavily upon the lore of g4 to the table, this time around, I’d like to discuss the potential that g5 could have with its lore. We know that g4 preciously established and revamped characters from g1, and that some g4 lore is tied heavily with the original generation. While the Smooze didn’t really play a massive part, characters, such as Tirek and Scorpan, along with Gusty have their own lore within g4 that haven’t been too deeply dove into.

    Since we know for a fact that g5 will take place in the future of g4 and still in Equestria, just sans magic and the pony tribes divided, as they used to be in the past- pre-Equestrian times, I find it rather interesting that our main character seems to be of a race that usually is looked down upon and sits at the lowest level of the totem pole when it comes to magic- a humble Earth pony to restore the world how it used to be.

    Now, the circumstances of the plot we were given, along with the fact that Sunny is an Earth pony can line things up for a very interesting addition within the g5 series, that can continue to draw upon elements of g1. By which, I mean the very obscure and region locked toyline of the MLP g1 Japanese Takara ponies. Seeing as how Hasbro was only given the Transformers brand through the Takara Tomy (now just :Takara”) company in the past, and in turn, Takara made their own version of the MLP toyline, which resulted in the MLP Takara ponies being born over in Japan, but just as official to the pony brand, as they still fell under Hasbro’s liscense, I think it would only be fair to thrust these ponies back into the spotlight- especially since Hasbro has given ponies their own little comic tie in with Transformers and g4.

    In addition, I think that with the plot to g5 as it is, along with the leading species of pony- these g1 Takara ponies being an addition to g5 can bring value and interest to the direction of the storyline. Now, hear me out. The Takara ponies- like Sunny, are only earth ponies. No other race has been shown to exist within their very limited lore or toy mold that their toyline provides. (of course, it could be changed if ever these little ones receive their own reboot or redistributing in or outside of Japan/ or wind up being used in the g5 series). As to why this is important, I think that not only their very name, but also a very commonly used design element on their packaging could explain.

    First off, looking at the name, Takara, it can be rather intriguing. It can mean “treasure” or “precious jewel” in Japanese. Its name, in fact, comes from the actual island of Takarajima within the Tokara archipelago. “Jima” straightforwardly means “island”. So understandably, “Takara-Jima” can read as “Treasure Island” in English. The island itself acquired perception as associated with Stevensen’s fictional “Treasure Island” series, and may also be cross-referenced with Captain Kidd’s exploits and hidden treasure.

    Now, as I understand it, one of the curious things about the Takara ponies in MLP is the fact neither do they have cutie marks/ symbols- and that they don’t seem to use magic as other generational iterations rely on. In fact, as stated earlier, a common symbol on their packaging seems to be the Lily of the Valley, which when tied to flower language, can symbolize “a return to happiness”. They seem to portray (in a spiritual sense) Christ’s purity from sin, which, perhaps when viewed through the lense of MLP, and g5’s storyline, could allow the Takara ponies and their symbolic flowers to be the sought after treasure that Sunny eventually scouts and finds to be the key to her world’s own happiness- learning to live in a life free of magic as the Takara ponies do, and yet still coming to bring harmony and unity among her divided world, without it.

    Just a potential theory to chew on. 

    Could Fluttershy become a Princess?
    By: Oddball Tails

    Of all the mane 6, Fluttershy arguably overcame the most and grew the most of any of our mane heroines. She went from very shy, to taming the Lord of Chaos. She went from fearful of dragons, to visiting their nesting grounds. She even made her loser of a brother follow his dream- and he was something of a hopeless case.

    In a way, one could argue she understands friendship more than Twilight does. She showed compassion in many episodes- to use the obvious example, always giving Discord the benefit of the doubt, even when he... arguably did not deserve it. I'm sure she also, being shy as she is, had many of the struggles of socializing many people with social anxiety do. (Myself, for example.) She also learned throughout the series how to be kind, but also firm, and additionally... I'd say kindness is overall at least as important if not more so then magic to a friendship.

    Perhaps Fluttershy could have a future as an alicorn- and hey, Cadence was once a Pegasus- so it could happen! Only question would be what kingdom she would rule over? Perhaps the Everfree Forest?


    The Ending of Equestria Girls (In my POV)
    By Comet (formerly known as Anonymous)

    Alright before I begin I just want to say that this has nothing to do with the drama that has been going on on Twitter. While I am a bit sad that we won’t get an official ending to the series, I would rather talk about in my point of view of how EQG ended rather than protesting it. Also, when I bring up ships, I’m not saying it out of bias. I’m just saying it as something like the official would’ve done. And with that out of the way, I’ll be talking about how I see EQG ended.

    So, the Mane Seven (or Humane 7, however you would like to call them) have graduated CHS and follow their own paths while keeping in contact with each other. It’s like the same thing with the Mane Six. They have their own lives, but they still talk to each other from time to time. So, here are each character and what they’re up to:

    Sunset Shimmer: She remains in the human world after having been living there for so long. I say this because she’s happy where she is with her life, and she doesn’t look like she wants to go back to Equestria. She’s build up a life over there, she’s not going to give it all up. Plus, when she went back to Equestria in Mirror Magic, she forgot how to walk as a pony and she forgot she could use magic. It shows she’s more adjusted to the Human world than Equestria. She will be with Flash Sentry due to their interaction in LoE, Good Vibes, and Cheer you on. She will also be the vice principal of CHS.

    Sci-Twi: She will end up with Timber Spruce and be principal of CHS. Twilight is ruler of Equestria, I don’t see why this one can’t be principal.

    Fluttershy: She will become a vet and eventually make her own version of an animal shelter.

    Rarity: She’ll make astonishing dresses and will build a company and make many fashion shops.

    Rainbow Dash: This one is kind of tricky. She’s captain of every sports teams at CHS according to Pinkie Pie in the first EQG movie. There are a bunch of possibilities of what she could be. She could be in the army due to liking being a superhero. She could be a coach for CHS. Or, she could be in a soccer team since we’ve seen her play soccer more than the other sports she’s played. That’s why I can’t choose which one she can be. You guys decide what Rainbow could be.

    Applejack: Just like her pony counterpart, she will continue to work at the Apple Farm, but also will be the new lunch lady since Granny Smith retired.

    Pinkie Pie: She will work at Sugarcube Cafe. One day, she met a guy named Cheese Sandwich, they fell in love and got married. They would later have a child.

    Now you might be asking, “what about the magic in their world?” Well, the magic will still remain in their world since we have more than one portal opened. Even if you got rid of the statue, another one will still be opened. Plus, when the portal was closed back in Rainbow Rocks, the Rainbooms pony up when they play their instruments. The magic is contained inside of them, and it only comes out if it’s an item, or showing their truest part of themselves. That magic is there because of their friendship.

    That is how I see Equestria Girls ending. 

    Godzilla vs Equestria
    By IronYoshi

    I know, dorky title, but with Godzilla vs Kong coming out later this month (which I am personally excited for), I thought it would be fun to do a little thing to determine which creature in Equestria would stand a chance against the King of the Monsters in a 1 on 1 fight. Now keep in mind, this is just for fun, and not to be taken seriously. So anyway, let's get started!

    Firstly, I want the combatant to be roughly the same size as Godzilla just so it'll be a fair fight, so as much fun as it would be, harmony rainbows, alicorn lasers, and an entire caravan friendship would not stand a chance against a 400 foot tall, radioactive, and nearly indestructible dinosaur that has atomic breath.

    The first creature that could probably go up against Godzilla is, obviously, the large dragons that we see in the show. They tend to range in size, with the biggest one being former Dragon Lord Torch. A dragon around the size of Torch (or even Torch himself) certainly has the size and strength to take on Godzilla. A swarm of larger dragons could also work, but they would be turned into mince meat. Dragons are certainly a candidate for going to to toe with Godzilla, but chances are it won't end up pretty. Just ask King Ghidorah.

    The next opponent I thought would work was Tirek. Despite me mentioning at the beginning that I wanted this to be a fair fight, let's say Tirek absorbs enough magic to grow in size and power. We've seen him when he's all powered up, and he's a force to be reckoned with. If he's in his powered up form, he could certainly go tango with the Big G. Imagine how cool if Tirek's energy blasts made contact with Godzilla's Atomic Breath. And that's not even mentioning his physical strength. We could have a really entertaining fight here.

    I think a Kaiju battle would have been really fun to see in the show. There's so many large monsters that could be a menace, but also a spectacle to see cause chaos. But anyway, I wanna hear your thoughts! Which creature in the MLP franchise would stand a chance against Godzilla? Surely there outta be some interesting ideas. Sound them off, and I'll be getting ready for Godzilla's big rematch with Kong!