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    • Equestria and/or the EG world is in danger if the portal stays open
    • Celestia Love!
    • The Student Six: Who Gets What Element?
    • The Problem with Save Equestria Girls

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    Equestria and/or the EG world is in danger if the portal stays open
    By: FlareGun45

    So after I made that last post about Equestria Girls, it made me start to wonder of how wide-spread this magic problem really is, and by extension: why isn't anyone doing anything about it? Just seven teenagers in one school are really doing all the work here. Sure, they might understand it better than anyone else, but this is one of those situations where I hafta wonder, why isn't the government interfering?

    Not that anyone would WANT the government to interfere, except for the government themselves, but this is so unlike the government to not poke their nose into the affairs of Canterlot High and Equestria. The problem is so wide-spread, it affected a mall, a theme park, an island in the middle of the ocean, and a concert, and Wizards know how long this problem lasted - is there a private government-funded organization looking into it at all? Sure, it might sound crazy, but if more and more people are reporting surges of "magic" throughout the world, SOMEONE big is gonna take an interest in it. Maybe even harness the magic for their own benefits.

    We seen teenagers and young adults take control of the magic and completely abuse it - imagine if the girls are dealing with adults with so many connections that can harness the magic for themselves to create best-case scenario, an alternate source for electricity; worst-case scenerio, super-weapons! This is really a big deal here. I know this is a kid's show and all, but just cause it's a kid's show doesn't mean "allude problems". Y'really think the entire world would just ACCEPT the fact that magic has entered their lives, and the government know not to touch what they don't understand? HA! As if!

    There's a reason why the portal opens only once every 30 moons. Ever since Twilight permanently opened the portal, the magic problem has been getting worse. Government agency involvement or not, something big might happen that not even the girls can handle. Their world and Equestria could be at risk for absolute chaos that makes Discord's chaos look like Picasso's art.


    Celestia Love!
    By: Oddball Tales

    Hello everyone, it's Oddball Tales again, here with some thoughts on a princess who does not always get that much love from the fandom.
    While in canon, the story goes Celestia was beloved by all and her sister was overshadowed, it is completely the opposite in the Brony fandom- indeed, Celestia tends to be overlooked in favor of her vastly more popular sister Luna. So today, I've decided to give Celestia some love I feel she deserves!
    First off, her role as a mentor to Twilight Sparkle. Many people dislike her not being more involved in solving problems. However, in Friends Forever #3, which features her and Spike undertaking a perilous journey together, she reveals she often lets her students solve their problems for themselves, since as she says, "Princesses are not  usually adventurers...and a princess has duties of her own to attend to." The day to day politics of running Equestria are a big job, and given the target audience, would not make an interesting episode for the younger viewers. (I sometimes think the Brony fandom forgets who the show is truly aimed for.)
    Secondly... she is over 1000 years old. She can actually do a lot for someone her age! It was never confirmed in the shows, or to my knowledge any of the books, that alicorns are immortal as the popular theory goes...so for all we know, she could be old even for an alicorn. Age could play a big part in her decision to let the Mane 6 handle the adventures. Additionally, I think it is fair to say many of the adventures happen outside of Canterlot- and when she is needed, she jumps into action to defend her ponies, like in the MLP movie when Tempest arrives.
    Many later episodes also show she has much more range and emotion then anyone thought, episodes like when we learn she is not a great actor, or of course when she and Luna went on vacation, among many others!
    I do think Celestia is more awesome than people give her credit for. I think the dynamic with her and Luna is similar to Batman vs. Superman. More people tend to relate to a fundamentally human character who has to rise up and become more, then a god who discovers their own humanity/mortality. (Or shows it, in her case.)
    I'm Oddball Tales, thank you for reading! 

    The Student Six: Who Gets What Element?
    By" Hononoken the Samurai

    In "School Raze" and "Uprooted", it is suggested that the Student Six are the next generation Elements of Harmony. However, which exact elements they have are a little inconsistent. In "School Raze", all of the Student Six are shown surrounded by colorful auras corresponding to each of the Mane 6. Gallus gets lavender for Twilight (Magic), Yona gets orange for Applejack (Honesty), Silverstream gets pink for Pinkie (Laughter), Smolder gets cyan for Rainbow (Loyalty), Ocellus gets light gray for Rarity (Generosity), and Sandbar gets yellow for Fluttershy (Kindness).

    But in "Uprooted", we see Gallus, Smolder, Ocellus, and Sandbar's assigned colors being switched around via colored lines extending from Treelight (the representative of the Tree of Harmony). Gallus now has Loyalty, Ocellus has Kindness, Smolder Generosity, and Sandbar Magic. The only ones that remain consistent are Yona and Silverstream, or Honesty and Laughter respectively.

    So, between those other four, who gets what Element? Is it possible the writers never completely nailed down which element corresponds to which student? Was there a miscommunication between the writers and the animators? Or perhaps Gallus, Sandbar, Ocellus, and Smolder have the potential to represent more than just one element?

    That last idea isn't entirely out of the realm of possibility, as Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were shown wielding the Elements by themselves in Equestria's distant past. Sandbar is certainly a kind pony, but his actions in "School Raze" and "What Lies Beneath" make a great case for representing Loyalty, as well. Gallus could also be loyal, given his interactions with his friends, but his rise from a friendless background to making close friends could represent Magic, similar to Twilight's growth into appreciating friendship.

    Unless the show staff ever elaborates more on it (I don't remember for sure if they have), perhaps it's all a matter of interpretation. That's how I see it at least. 

    The Problem with Save Equestria Girls
    By IronYoshi

    Ever since Equestria Girls ended, there has been outcry from a small but extremely vocal group in the fandom demanding that it continues or gets a conclusion. While that would be nice and all, the problem is this group has taken some rather unorthodox reasons as to why they want the series back, and honestly, its probably only cementing the fact that Equestria Girls will probably never return, at least in its original form.

    Now to my knowledge, this first started on Twitter, mostly consisting of fans posting images begging Hasbro to give Equestria Girls another season or at least a finale. Seemed misguided (especially since the chances of Hasbro giving into fan demand are next to zero) but harmless enough. Then rumors of these people pestering former show staff came in. Then petitions started flooding in, which, in typical fashion, failed to deliver, as petitions do. But then many really took this way too seriously, thinking that Hasbro "betrayed" the fans for not continuing Equestria Girls. Yes, really.

    As controversial as this may sound, let's be honest here, Equestria Girls wasn't really the primary focus of importance for Hasbro. I mean, wasn't it made exclusively to compete with Monster High and other dolls? Sure, it had its fans, and the content made for it had some real talent and dedication put into it, but it was pretty much second fiddle to FIM.

    But to get back on topic, the "Save Equestria Girls" crowd began gaining traction, but most of the people joining weren't really interested in bringing the show back in the way you might think. While some do want the series to get a proper conclusion, which is understandable, others wanted something more... unusual. I kid you not when I say one of the petitions said that they wanted "tickle scenes" with the Mane 6 and others wanted more "foot" scenes. And there are many other examples like this. If you only want a series brought back just for your own weird desires and not out of necessity to continue the story, then that's not okay. At all.

    I know some people wanted to see Equestria Girls back, or at least get a conclusion, but the thing is Hasbro is not going to listen to a small vocal minority, especially with G5 coming soon. Nothing lasts forever, and its a shame the people pushing for Equestria Girls to keep going don't understand that. And if the series does come back (and that's a very big IF), chances are that it'll probably be a reboot like G5. The cast and crew have moved on, and its time for this group to do the same. Besides, if people really want Equestria Girls to continue or get a finale, FIMFiction exists for a reason.