• Why Does Izzy Moonbow Have a Tennis Ball on Her Horn?

    Izzy has a tennis ball on her horn. This has become a fandom icon for her character, flooding the Drawfriend posts here. What is the reason for it though exactly? Some of the prevailing ideas include:

    • Izzy walked by a tennis court earlier and can't reach the tennis ball with hooves.
    • Unicorns have sharp pointy things on their heads and she's visiting the Pegasus tribe where pointy things need a tennis ball so they are less pointy.
    • It's a magic inhibitor to stop her from casting in pegasusland, though the press release said magic is gone, so maybe not?
    • It's the latest unicorn fashion.
    • She just really likes having a tennis ball on her horn.
    • G5 needs kirin. 


    What theory do you think is correct? Why is literally any accessory at all on pony a talking point? Discuss below!