• Tia & Luna Music: Kallo Skull - Soul Reflection [Orchestral/Soundtrack]

    Kallo Skull made something wonderful here, a tribute to both that inspiring artwork of Celestia and Luna looking at what may be their parents' in the water's reflection, AND his tasteful musical inspirations and beloved composers! In particular, this is meant to be Kallo Skull's own To Zanarkand (the Final Fantasy/Nobuo Uematsu fans will get it), and the musician definitely succeeded!! And he agrees as written in the description, and with such a splendid and soulful 8-minutes composition, it's no surprise. The inspiration from To Zanarkand is clear and did absolute wonders, as the musician's passion and creative vision created his own piece of magic and emotion. I'm especially a fan of this because of how Nobuo Uematsu is my favorite composer (FF9 has my favorite OST ever) and he's one of the "gods" I look up to! Give it up for Kallo everypony! This is your story. (Aaron's voice)