• Pony Concept EP: Noizzer - Catacombs EP [Electronic]


    Noizzer's first musical tribute to FiM just got released on Bandcamp! Most of the tracks were made in 2018 after the musician started to watch MLP (find the original release on Soundcloud here), and now they're available as an EP on Bandcamp with "improved quality". The EP actually tells a story. From Noizzer's words:

    "The lore in this, was that Discord had captured Twilight, and imprisoned her in a catacomb, and she had to find her way out of there."

    Pony concepts like these are so appreciated and it feels so good to imagine the musician imagining that and making these songs with the modest means at their disposal, just out of wanting to pay tribute to the show or contribute to the community!! The experimental vibes of the music are a great match for the dark vibes of the concept involving Discord, too!

    Download the EP from Bandcamp here!